Benya Barbie presents “Now”

In the last two years, since he broke out with the song “Someone with me here”, Benny Barbie has become one of the country’s favorite singers, was voted ACUM’s Breakthrough of the Year, won Galgalatz’s Man of the Year title and has largely stopped producing new music. Now “, which was written and composed by Avi Ohayon and Matan Dror.

The new song is accompanied by a clip filmed entirely by her sons, and he likes it with his partner during their travels around the world. “The new song and the accompanying clip describe a relationship between a couple who got to know themselves much better thanks to everything the corona brought with it,” Barbie says this morning in an interview with Mako.

“Two years ago, Avi Ohayon called me and said, ‘I wrote you a song, you must come.’ Of course I came right away, because when my father writes to you specifically, it’s probably really for you. Usually we create together, but he and Matan Dror, who also produced and arranged “They created themselves on one of their nights in the studio,” says Barbie. “It’s an innocent and happy love song, and I immediately flew and smiled when I sang it. These days, that everything is full of uncertainty, and especially in the month of Adar – I believe that everything will turn into good and joy.”

What else is happening to you these days?
“In the last year I went through a journey of contemplation, lots of moments of difficulty and sleepless nights. There was also instability and uncertainty that contributed to the confusion along the way. Now I travel in Central America, releasing stress, writing songs and stories, and mostly dreaming of performing and playing again. “On the stages and breaking my legs from too many performances. The longing is irrational; for the musicians, for the music, for the smiles and for the people in general.

And can we already talk about plans after the corona?
“Wow. I have a chill just thinking about this moment. It will be a great relief because culture is education, it’s a way. Culture is where you go and where you come from. My dream is small: just stand on stage with a microphone and guitar in front of people without masks, without capsules. At the pace and sing the words with me. “

And beyond back to the stages? Is there anything else you are planning for the near future?
“There are some secrets I kept. I’m writing my first book for almost a year, the third album is ready, and even part of the fourth. One of my biggest dreams will come true this year, inshallah, after creating some sets of electronic music with an amazing trance artist named ‘Petra’ I gathered the whole ensemble, closed the studio and recorded exciting and heart-opening music.
In the end, it will become a sunrise set on Masada and everyone is welcome – just open the stages for us and I promise not to get off them. “

Now // words

The whole city long ago went to sleep
With a guitar in the living room we play a bit ourselves
How outside the first rain is drumming on the window
He came for us

Two glasses of wine kissing again it makes us pleasant now
You tell me there’s nothing like home
I have never felt this way in my life
How as a child I am in love

now I know
So just say when I hear
I’m telling you tonight you will not be alone
We are both here at one pace
So what now I know
So just say when I hear
I’m telling you tonight you will not be alone
We are both here at one pace

The whole city has long been asleep
Plays you a tune that will always remind us
You are similar to me and so different
Without asking the answer again:
“‘Yes, tonight is ours'”

How long have I been waiting for you for years
You say come to me now
Come hug me with both hands
I have never felt this way in my life
How about you as a child in love

Lyrics: Avi Ohayon melody: Avi Ohayon and Matan Dror