Bennett told Lieberman: “We need to help 800,000 unemployed people, not four politicians

The proposal of the chairman of Yisrael Beiteinu, Avigdor Lieberman, to unite his party with that of Saar, has a future and the right has surprised many in the political system. His because “the order of the hour is to help 800,000 unemployed and not four politicians.”

Bennett in the plenum. Photo: Knesset Channel

In the tweet in question, Bennett wrote: “Yvette, the real time order is to help 800,000 unemployed, not four politicians. There is already a plan. You are welcome to help. The rest is not interesting.”

Lieberman was quick to respond, tweeting on his Twitter account that the opportunity to form a coalition without Netanyahu should not be missed:

The remarks came in response to a letter Lieberman sent to the four party leaders, in which he wrote that despite disagreements between them on a number of issues, they could unite around a number of principles, such as limiting the prime minister’s term, compulsory IDF law and civil marriage approval Lieberman added in a tweet that “this is the order of the day to save the country.”

Earlier this morning, MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid) was asked about the issue on 103FM, and replied: “I think that unity is the order of the hour and unity around the center is a very true thing, this is what the people of Israel need. I think we need to unite under Yair Lapid. “

Asked if his party would be willing to discuss such a union when Lapid is not at the top of the list, he replied: “We are constantly considering everything, and you know that the one who has proven stability, credibility, relinquishment and adherence to the principles is Lapid.”