Bennett: “This is the Guevald Technique”, Smutrich: “This is not true”

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The battle for votes in the right-wing bloc in the religious Zionist sector is heating up as the exchange of accusations between the list of religious Zionists and the right rises to a boil.

Chairman of Religious Zionism Bezalel Smutrich blames Bennett’s claims that he is safe going through: “This is not true, there is no poll that says such a thing. I tell Naftali – once you have not passed the blocking percentage, do not cause this time we will not pass. You are on 10 seats, and know very well that we are in the 4 and a half seats area. “One more seat does not matter to you, one more seat for us is the difference between a right-wing and a non-right-wing government.”

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On the other hand, right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett brought with him strategic adviser George Birnbaum, and argued against Smutrich: . In fact, he will finish on 5-6 and maybe even more “

The chairman of Religious Zionism, Bezalel Smutrich, arrived this morning (Tuesday) to vote at the polling station near his home in Kedumim. At the end of the statement, he made a statement to the media in which he called on his supporters to go out and vote. After two years, it is possible to decide and form a right-wing government of the entire national camp, which will express the right-wing majority in the State of Israel, “said Smutrich.” I call on all Israeli citizens – go and vote. It does not matter what you are voting for, the main thing is that you go to the polls and take responsibility. This is what will determine what happens here in the coming years. Of course I urge you to vote for me, it’s no secret. “

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He said, “The polls and the momentum are very positive. It seems to me that everyone understands, from right and left, that the question of forming a right-wing government is on religious Zionism. If we are inside then there is, if not – then no. “But in all the polls we are inside. Even so, we are still not out of danger.”

“I hope that if there are 61 you will come, even if you have not stated it. It is not too late” he added and turned to Bennett. “We want you as a senior partner and senior minister, there is no doubt that you will be in a senior position in the government. We were and remain members, we want to be with you in the same government, but for that to happen, we need it too.”

Right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett and his wife Gilat voted this morning (Tuesday) at a polling station near their home in Raanana.

Bennett accompanied the ballot box with calls from activists, and then said: “I call on all Israeli citizens to go out and vote to bring about change, so that a government that cares is finally formed here.”

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