Bennett – 2021 Elections: “We will not sit in a government headed by Lapid”

Chairman Right Naftali Bennett Surprised many when he stated this morning (Wednesday) in an interview here Monday that “we have no problem sitting in government with the left, but not in the leadership Yair Lapid”. However, he noted that “I have no problem with him sitting in government.”

Bennett was asked if he takes into account that if he does not sit with Lapid he will be able to join the bloc, and replied: “We are not in any bloc, in the end this election is different because it is a national camp. We say it clearly – whoever wants the change in the camp, I address “.

Would you be willing to sit in a government headed by Gideon Saar?
“I will sit in any national government, the goal is to replace Netanyahu. Look, there is an entire generation here that has lost its future, through an initiative, the Singapore plan we brought, a big reduction in taxes for the middle class, the introduction of half a million unemployed into the labor market.”

Need to bring the money.
“The money will come because because of the program then half a million unemployed will go into work and we will not pay for unemployment but we will transfer the money to growth. There will be better services in education and health, must admit – whoever chooses not to work will have no money. The program will reward working people.”

Gideon Saar (Photo: Olivia Fitoussi)

There is a call for every anti-Bibi bloc to sign an agreement ahead of the election
“I’m in a camp with Israel, the State of Israel, and signing that and that does not really serve the people. We need to replace Netanyahu, everyone understands that, there is a battle here, whoever thinks we should launch the state, just talk about it and do nothing, “It is possible to abolish the Israeli land monopoly, but no one has the courage to do so. We are coming with a machete and launching the country forward so that they have a little more left in their pockets.”

If “only the right can” and you have a problem with Lapid, you will have no problem sitting with Smutrich and Ben Gvir.
“Both Lapid and Smutrich – anyone who is in favor of a Jewish and democratic state can sit with us. The direction of the government is national.”

Itamar Ben Gvir in a discussion in the Election Committee (Photo: Yossi Zamir, GPO)Itamar Ben Gvir in a discussion in the Election Committee (Photo: Yossi Zamir, GPO)

Do you have a problem with Ben Gvir?
“Anyone who says he is in favor of a Jewish and democratic state, may or may not like the style, both Lapid and Smutrich Ben Gvir will be partners in the government, the question is who will lead the government. Gideon is a good politician, but he does not have the economic, political experience. Everyone understands that it is either Bennett or Netanyahu. “

Will not sit in the government headed by Gideon Saar?
“If you want to get out of this, you need entrepreneurship and management at the highest level, crisis management and the so-called public will decide.”