“Because of her people in the grave”: Yair Netanyahu on a serious charge

Knitted News19.12.20 18:30 Wednesday in Tevet

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Yair Netanyahu, the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, made harsh accusations against MK Yifat Shasha Bitton – who announced her joining Gideon Saar’s party – and said that because of the decisions she made as chair of the Corona Committee, people died.

In his program with Yaara Zard on Gali Israel radio, Netanyahu attacked Shasha Bitton and said: “Let’s just say she was not supposed to be a Knesset member at all. She came to the Likud in a dowry with Kahlon. The agreement was only valid for the first election.”

According to Netanyahu, the Likud appointed Shasha Bitton to a Knesset member as an “act of charity,” as he defined it “because the agreement between the Likud and Moshe Kahlon and” all of us “does not oblige its inclusion on the list.”

Netanyahu Jr. continued to attack Shasha Bitton, saying: “According to the agreement between all of us and the Likud, it was obligated to be only in the previous and not the current Knesset. “Reason, she was not some electoral asset that added votes to the Likud. I do not believe she and her family did not vote for the Likud.”

The corona committee, Netanyahu also claimed, was accepted by Shasha Bitton because “they took pity on her. He said:” Put her as chair of the corona committee as an act of charity, even though she had no status and no political power neither inside the Likud nor outside the Likud, they said; ‘Well, poor thing. “She was Sarah at Kahlon, it was not pleasant to come down from the status of Sarah who did nothing in construction and housing, let’s let her feel good about herself.”

At this point Netanyahu made harsh accusations against Shasha Bitton and said: “Then she took this position, and simply in the most cynical way on the blood of the citizens of Israel, people died because of its populist decisions, there are people in the grave today who died in the second wave.”

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Netanyahu added: “She caused the second wave to be bigger than it should have been. If she had not taken care to ‘open, open, open everything.’ So her only achievement is a contribution to the strengthening of the second wave of the corona, it is her only achievement in all. Public life. “

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