Batam and its partners will invest $ 10 million in Ador Diagnostics – the capital market

Batam and its partners will invest $ 10 million in Ador Diagnostics – the capital market

Zvi Marom, CEO


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Also traded on the London Stock Exchange (NYSE: BVC) and focuses on the development, production and marketing of communications and cyber systems and medical equipment for laboratory tests reports that it has decided to increase its investment in Ador Diagnostics by $ 3 million, with the rest of the partnership increasing by $ 10 million. Following this investment, Batam will hold 36.7% of Ador Diagnostics (a decrease from 38.2% held by the company in the first half of 2020). According to the report, the partners have an option to invest an additional $ 10 million in Ador on the same basis previously determined. According to the company, the purpose of the additional investment is to “accelerate the development of the new RCA-based system.”

Ador has developed a new RCA (Rolling Circle Amplification) technology that integrates with PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and allows rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, so the diagnosis will be made in less than 30 minutes, because the RCA method is less prone to errors and its reaction with the test substance occurs within 15 -20 minutes, compared to 60-90 minutes in a normal PCR process. According to the company, Ador is developing a solution based on molecular biology that allows rapid diagnosis of infections from a bacterial, viral and fungal source and more using a DNA or RNA sample.

According to the company, the NATlab system can analyze a large number of pathogens (currently up to 400) in parallel and thus make it possible to identify all possible pathogens associated with diseases such as meningitis, sepsis, respiratory diseases and virtually any infectious disease. By accurately locating the correct pathogen of the disease, the correct treatment can be started immediately – something that is not possible with the PCR methods that exist today.

Dr. Zvi Marom, CEO of Batam: “Despite the challenges that accompany the Corona plague, we are constantly researching new and advanced technologies. We believe that the isothermal RCA method can revolutionize the diagnosis of infectious diseases. We will use the capital raised Bringing this innovative technology to the next level ”

Batam is one of the companies that has benefited greatly from the corona crisis when the stock soared by 230% from the beginning of the year to its peak in July, and has been in negative momentum ever since.

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