Barcelona: Leo Messi happy, restless Coman before PSG

“Barcelona are thinking of Paris Saint-Germain, but that has not stopped them from running over Alabs.” This was the headline of the Catalan website “Sport” this morning (Sunday), after Leo Messi and his teammates defeated 1: 5, raised morale at the club and allowed Ronald Koeman and his team optimal preparation for the first of two games in the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday.

Barcelona last night presented one of their better games this season and even when they absorbed and found themselves with a liquid advantage of only 1: 2, they then returned with three goals in just six minutes on the way to the top five. Leo Messi was of course named the game’s standout in light of the wonderful duo he scored, also Francisco Trincao completed a double and scored all three of his goals at the club in six days and a landmark also recorded 18-year-old Iliash Moriva, who became the youngest player in the Spanish league to make his debut this decade.

“Barcelona ready for PSG” | Cover of the “Sports” newspaper

It was the seventh consecutive win for Koeman and at the end he admitted: “I liked what I saw, because the players were dedicated. I did not like the first half, but after we absorbed the goal the players entered the game and it also allowed us to give players a rest at the end. I can not say it is the best timing. “It’s good to meet Paris Saint-Germain physically, I would not say that if we had a full squad.”

Koeman was also asked about Leo Messi who has been warming up in recent weeks: “He is happy and everything is much easier when he finds a connection to the players on the lines. You also have to understand that players need time to adapt and I am very happy with Trinkau, who I think has fitted in well. is very”.

Trinkau | Eric Alonso / Getty Images

Trinkau He added: “It is very easy to play in a team like this, with players like that, because they are the best there is. I will try to keep scoring goals and help the team win.”

With regard toMoriva The youngster, although he recorded cooking in the premiere, also made a serious mistake that went up to Barcelona at the gate. Koeman said “such things are learned” and the actor admitted: “I can not stop repeating the mistake I made, but I’m glad we won. I was stressed, I lifted my head and saw Leo and Griezmann next to me… These are actors who are role models for everyone.”