Barcelona crushed Himki, 75:79 to Zenit

Barcelona crushed Himki, 75:79 to Zenit

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The 14th round of the Euroleague started tonight (Wednesday), with four games. Apart from Maccabi Tel Aviv’s game in France against Willerbahn, there were a few other interesting moments across the continent. Barcelona crushed Himki 74:87, Zenit completed a comeback and defeated Bayern Munich 75:79, and Valencia scored an impressive 85:96 over Olympiacos. Here’s all that was tonight in the best basketball league in Europe.

Barcelona (3:11) – Moscow Khimki (12: 2) 74:87
The Catalans did not have a hard time against the team that became the league’s freak. Barça maintained its position as the leader of the table, above CSKA, achieving a relatively easy victory against the city rival of that CSKA, which continues to be the last in the table with a sixth consecutive loss at the factory.

The host led throughout the match and occasionally in the first half also created a double-digit gap for herself. In the second half it has been a double-digit advantage for longer, and in the end the stable difference is maintained until the end. Nikola Mirotic (24) and Corey Higgins (20) excelled at the winner. Alexei Sheved once again stood out for the loser (22) but this once again did not help her.

Znit St. Petersburg (4: 8) – Bayern Munich (5: 9) 75:79
The Bavarians were arrested after two consecutive victories at the factory. Andrea Trincieri’s team led for three quarters, but in the last quarter was defeated 23:15 by the Russians, who came out with their hand on the top.

Less than two minutes to go, Zan Shishko scored a basket for 2 and put the visitors ahead 72:75, but then the collapse began: in the attack that followed, Billy in the local closet scored a three and equalized; Then came a valid offense from Jaylen Reynolds, Will Thomas Dyke from the penalty line – and a basket from Alex Poiters closed interest.

Baron finished the game as the leading scorer with 20 points (4 of 5 for three points). Thomas added 13 and Arturas Godaitis scored 12. At Bayern Reynolds he settled for 13 points, Wade Baldwin and Dennis Seeley scored 12 each.

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Olympiacos (6: 7) – Valencia (5: 9) 96:85
Both teams are at the top of the table and hoped to continue their momentum. Both came after a small win by two points in the previous round, the Spaniards over Andulo and the Greeks over the Red Star. A good first quarter was enough for the visitors to produce a solid advantage and maintain it until the end. Boyan Dubleevich was the best scorer with 20 points, Derrick Williams contributed 16. Kostas Slokas scored 18 on the other side.

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