Barak Bachar: “Even if we were absorbed at the end, I would be proud”

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Maccabi Haifa was tonight (Saturday) within touching distance of losing points against Maccabi Petah Tikva, but Josh Cohen provided a penalty save in the 98th minute and sent the Greens to celebrate a 1: 2 victory against Guy Luzon.

Barak Bachar He said after the game: “We still have a long way to go to talk about a championship. We need to recover from what happened here. We also need to praise Maccabi Petah Tikva. As usual we missed a penalty, in the second half we were excellent and their goalkeeper caught a day, we also need to congratulate him. “Yankele (Shahar) said we should conquer more, but he is also pleased with what was here tonight.”

Bachar of course referred to the hero of the game, Josh Cohen: “He made a great game against Hapoel Tel Aviv, and today he provided a great save and did justice. We were in complete control in the second half, even if we absorbed the goal in the end, I would be proud of the players and encourage them. “

On the penalty that Muhammad Abu Fani missed in the first half, Bachar said: “We have enough quality on offense but I can not be angry at players who miss. In the end there are three kickers who are registered in KS and they decide between them. He came to Abu Fani so much and I hope he will win in the next game. “

also Dolev Haziza, Who was the last to score from the penalty spot in the Maccabi Haifa uniform, referred to Abu Fani’s miss: “We promised him we would win the game for him and we did not want him to lower his head, even if he wants to kick a penalty in the next game I will let him kick and I will not argue.”

On the rescue of Josh Cohen, Haziza said: “We always believe that the goalkeeper can also bring points. Half an hour we played exceptionally, we threatened the goal and their goalkeeper took some very nice saves, most importantly for me we took 3 points.”

Haziza, who scored the Greens’ winning goal, with a shot that came from a rebound, after Eric Janko’s exit commented on the decision to stand on the wide edge: “Our goalkeeping coach told me to go far and I did the ball and I fell from the sky and glad I scored, it was a hard game “And who took the penalty, I wholeheartedly believed he would take it. Glad we won.”