Bahrain says it has been vaccinated against COVID-19

Bahrain says it has been vaccinated against COVID-19

Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa was vaccinated against coronavirus on Wednesday, the Gulf kingdom ‘s official news agency said, apparently making him the first leader in the world to receive the COVID – 19 vaccine.

No images have been released of the vaccinated king and no vaccination has been given to him.

“God has provided Bahrain to a society with a high level of consciousness and sincerity to adhere to all precautionary measures and guidelines issued by the national medical working group to combat the coronavirus, which greatly affected the ability of the Kingdom to disperse within the The king was summoned, said in a statement made by the Bahraini News Agency.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will receive the vaccine on Saturday night, was on track to become the world’s first leader to be vaccinated against the crown virus before a monarch vaccine was reported Bahraini. US President Joe Biden is expected to receive a vaccine early next week.

On Sunday, Bahrain said it had approved the use of a Chinese coronavirus vaccine, after receiving earlier approval from a vaccine made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech.

The Bahraini News Agency said the Sinopharm vaccine would be available in the kingdom of the islands off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Gulf of Persia.

A model of coronavirus is on display next to boxes for COVID-19 vaccines at a presentation by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) in Beijing, September 5, 2020. (AP photo / Mark Schiefelbein)

However, it provided little information on the results of the vaccine study, according to the United Arab Emirates, which announced last week that the vaccine was 86% effective but gave only a small amount. information. Emirati’s statement marked the first public release of information on the effectiveness of the picture.

Bahrain said more than 7,700 people had signed up to take part in a trial of the Sinopharm vaccine in the kingdom. The kingdom said earlier that it plans to provide free coronavirus vaccines to the public, but has yet to answer any questions about their program.

The Sinopharm vaccine has been approved for emergency use in a few countries and the company is still conducting late-stage clinical trials in 10 countries. Morocco is preparing for an ambitious COVID-19 vaccination program, aimed at vaccinating 80% of its adults in activity starting this month that are initially dependent on the Sinopharm vaccine.

Sinopharm bullets rely on proven technology, using a virus that has been killed to deliver the vaccine, similar to how polio vaccines are made. Key Western competitors, such as the design by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech, use newer, untested technology to target coronavirus spike proteins using RNA.

Already, Pfizer reports that its bullet is 95% effective, while another RNA candidate from Moderna appears to be 94.5% effective. U.S. regulators have approved the Pfizer image and are on track to approve the Moderna vaccine. Results show that the third vaccine from Oxford University and AstraZeneca is safe and about 70% effective, but there are still questions about how well it can help protect the elderly. at 55.

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