Bad Bunny joins Cast Train Bullet

Bad Bunny joins Cast Train Bullet

Oh yeah, and Lady Gaga is rumored to be in the movie too.

There’s a new action-packed movie to cheer about – and Bad Bunny has just joined the team. The music artist is the latest name associated with it Bullet train, an upcoming film from director David Leitch, who is also responsible Atomic Blonde, John of Wick, and Deadpool 2.

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The film, which is based on the book Kōtarō Isaka Maria Beetle, an amazing team has been stacked so far. In addition to Bad Bunny, Brad Pitt plays a famous player by the name of Ladybug. (The film is about “five assassins on board a fast – moving bullet train [who] find out that their missions have something in common, “according to the official description.)

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Zazie Beetz

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Michael Shannon

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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And, namely, Lady Gaga rumored!

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The only bad news? There is no release date yet, and the film was shut down due to one member of the asymptomatic team performing a positive test for COVID-19, each Variety.

But with such a good throw, we don’t mind waiting.

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