Bachar: “We squeezed the team. We will do rotations”

Bachar: “We squeezed the team. We will do rotations”

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After the hard-fought victory over Hapoel Tel Aviv, Maccabi Haifa is preparing for the battle of the top against Maccabi Petah Tikva. The team coach Barak Bachar Said tonight (Thursday): “Season game? I am not referring to the settings, but to the opposing team that despite the recent loss is an excellent team and not just where it is. This is a talented, strong and aggressive team. A very difficult game awaits us.”

On the game load he said: “We are in a busy period, like the whole league, so of course we will have to make rotations and changes, in the last games we went with a certain vehicle, and squeezed it a bit, but we know we will have to use all the staff and we have good enough staff to use them all.”

“We respect Maccabi Petah Tikva very much, and come prepared for a very difficult game. “It’s true that the second half against Hapoel Tel Aviv was not good enough, we were exposed, Josh was at his best to our joy. We will have to increase the better minutes and reduce the less good minutes as in the second half.”

The coach was asked about the strengthening issue but evaded: “We are not dealing with January, but on Saturday, in the important game against Maccabi Petah Tikva.”

On the professional side, defender Ernest Mabuka is suffering from twin muscle pain, he did not finish training and is in doubt for the squad on Saturday. On the other hand, Eid Habashi and Yuval Ashkenazi are in the lineup of the Greens.

On another issue, the youth team player was verified to Corona, so the professional team and players went into isolation. As a result, Saturday’s game against Maccabi Petah Tikva was postponed.