Attempted attack in Samaria: A terrorist hurled a soldier near Kedumim at the IDF

Attempted attack in Samaria: Tonight (Saturday), a Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail at a soldier near the Kedumim settlement in Samaria. The soldier did not respond by firing, the terrorist fled the scene. There were no casualties in the incident.

A video from the security camera shows the terrorist lighting a Molotov cocktail and throwing it at the uninjured soldier and fleeing towards the vehicle. The soldier did not respond to the shooting.

The IDF said that “earlier today, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at an IDF fighter near a military post near the settlement of Kedumim in the area of ​​the Samaria Regional Brigade. An IDF force began pursuing the suspect, with no casualties and no damage. “It was also reported that the incident would be investigated.

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The chairman of the National Union, MK Bezalel Smutrich, said in response to the attempted attack: “This story is simply insane. But this warrior is not guilty. Whoever is to blame is the legal system in the State of Israel, which is behaving like in Sodom. “Whoever prosecutes Aryeh Schiff on a murder charge should not be surprised when fighters are afraid to shoot terrorists.”