Atkinson’s Life After Life on the way to BBC One change

BBC One has awarded a four-part version of the Kate Atkinson Costa Award Life after life from House Productions.

Producer Kate Ogborn, who also produced “End of the F *** ing World”, and executive producers Tessa Ross and Juliette Howell, founders of House Productions – the production company behind the drama titled Brexit ” Brexit: “Uncivil War” by Benedict Cumberbatch – with Lucy Richer for the BBC.

Playwright and writer Bash Doran has written all four programs and will be directed by John Crowley. Filming will take place in spring 2021, with cast information to be released closer to the time.

In Life after life (Black Swan), Ursula Todd dies one night in 1910, before she can breathe her first. On the same night in 1910, Ursula is born and left. She finds herself again and again, living and dying in different situations, just to be reborn into a new version of life once again.

Atkinson’s 2013 novel is the first of two about Todd’s family, with the second, God of ruins, published in 2015.

Executive producers Ross and Howell said: “We are very honored that Kate Atkinson has been responsible for the adaptation of the best-selling novel Life after life to the House. We’ve put together a very talented team who love the novel as we do: The Bash Doran scripts miraculously capture the heart and soul of the novel, the warmth and size of the world and the amazing characters who lives there. Human life is here, told through Ursula’s experiences that keep him dying and being born again.

“And at John Crowley, we know we have an amazing and ambitious director who brings great heart, gripping storytelling and amazing visual flavor to this amazing story. We can’t wait to get started.”

Piers Wenger, director of BBC Drama, said: “We are honored to be able to honor Kate Atkinson Life after life to life on the BBC. With the amazing team of Bash, John and House Productions behind him we have no doubt that this is going to be a truly amazing change. “