Asylum Seekers kindergarten will be broken into, damaged, while children are present

Protesters opposed to asylum seekers broke into a kindergarten in southern Tel Aviv and destroyed buildings – while the children were present, N12 reported. Sheffi Paz, a well-known asylum seeker and other “South Tel Aviv Liberation Front” activist, is suspected of having committed serious crimes including three counts of misrepresentation, damaging, damaging public order. and break into the Unitef kindergarten in southern Tel Aviv.The South Tel. Aviv Liberation Front is notorious for protesting against illegal immigration from Africa to Israel and the concentration of such immigrants in Tel Aviv’s southern neighborhoods. Unitef’s kindergarten is used primarily by asylum seekers and non-Hebrew-speaking immigrants in southern Tel Aviv. The big event happened during kindergarten working hours – while the kids were there. Hearing about the incident, Tel Aviv’s deputy mayor, Zipi Brand, turned to the police and asked them to issue a restraining order to Paz and the other suspects in the area around the kindergarten. .

“The safety of small children inside kindergarten cannot be at risk of people breaking in at noon and intimidating the children and staff,” he added. Brand tweet. Brand decided to go one step further and reached kindergarten and handed out Hanukkah donuts to the kids. “This is a clear message about‘ dispelling the darkness, ’an anti-racist message,” Brand wrote.

The Unitef kindergarten promotes values ​​about loving the other and creating a sustainable urban future. Founded in 2017, it is located in the heart of Neve Shaanan neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv and includes a communal garden that children use to learn about agriculture and growing their food.