Ashdod Port will purchase 5 advanced bridge cranes

Ashdod Port Company announces the successful conclusion of intensive negotiations with the company ZPMC To equip 5 bridge cranes, which are the most advanced in the world, by exercising an existing option in a contract signed in 2017. The five new cranes will join the company’s first crane ZPMC Which was inaugurated by the Minister of Transport on her last visit to the port. The cost of purchasing the cranes is about NIS 240 million.

The new cranes will be adapted for unloading container vessels up to 24,000 TEU, Capable of unloading and loading 2 containers 40 feet full at the same time, thanks to a system tandem Advanced. A unique feature of the cranes is the ability to control them even remotely through operators located in a control room and monitor the movement of the crane through cameras installed in the crane and displayed in real time on the control station screens. Thanks to the newer systems in which the cranes are equipped, they are safer, contributing to a faster work pace.

The cranes are scheduled to arrive in January 2022 and towards that time the western part of the 21st Grocery Wharf will be upgraded, to accommodate ships of 24,000 TEU By deepening the sink and strengthening the platform. The contract with a company ZPMC Signed in recent days, after the results of the negotiations were approved by the company’s board of directors. The cranes will be delivered for operational work during the first half of 2022.

The board of directors of the port company has already approved an investment budget of NIS 2.4 billion for the development of the port in the coming years. This budget is allocated for investment in Platform 21, an amount of over NIS 1 billion. The total budget, in addition to the 5 new cranes, is to upgrade the wharf at a cost of about NIS 600 million, and to develop a semi-automatic terminal in the back of wharf 21. The wharf will be able to dock mega-ships with a capacity of up to 24,000 containers – the largest ships of its kind in the world. A semi-automatic logistics backbone will also be built.

Shiko Janna, CEO of the Port of Ashdod, said: “The Port of Ashdod, the port of Israel, continues to promote modern technologies at all levels of the port’s operations in order to improve the service and become the most advanced port in the world. The first crane in Israel of a company ZPMC “Purchased by the Ashdod Port Company, which already operates at the port, we have achieved impressive operational achievements during 2020, so we are confident that the addition of five higher and more efficient cranes will contribute to first-class work and service to which we are committed and committed to all our loyal customers.”