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Gideon Saar

Gideon Saar

Photo: Yonatan Sindel / Flash90

The joining of Gideon Saar, a senior Likud member and one of the first winners of the Likud primaries, to the right-wing race for prime minister, alongside the other two candidates, Benjamin Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett, has shuffled the cards on the right. His announcement fell on the prime minister and the Likud as this thunderbolt on a clear day. Saar is a whole new story, and around the abyss of the storm.

Netanyahu and his men do not currently have any bunker-guided weapons that can bite into the rising popularity of Saar as a refreshing alternative. In contrast to the right-wing threat offered by Bennett (who grew up in the Likud but was abandoned), Saar is the flesh and blood of the Likud movement. If a little is allowed to rant, Saar is the real Likud.

The earthquake caused by an earthquake on the Richter scale on the 9th grade is decisive: “I will not run for office, so that Netanyahu will continue to serve as prime minister.” Sharp and smooth. Saar: “Whoever wants to continue Netanyahu’s term, let Netanyahu vote.” No stuttering. The whole box office. I or he. There is no third way for him.

In contrast to Bennett who is today portrayed as the third way, of sitting on the fence, foot here foot there. Not a rabbi (only not Bibi) and not a rabbi (only Bibi). Bennett stuttered again just this week as to the future, letting it be known that all options are open. It is true that Netanyahu, who turned it into a floor rag, is not his cup of tea, but …

3. The fact that Saar plays new songs, which offer a clear option for those who use the More of The Same method, strengthens his chances and even bites in the left and center camps. Nearly half a million ‘floating’ voters – including right and left, secular and religious and ultra-Orthodox, from all sectors, including hundreds of thousands of self-employed and employees deprived of their livelihoods due to the scandalous conduct of the leadership on the Corona issue – join, in every poll.

Not because Saar is better than Bennett. Both are worthy. But Saar, for the information of the reader, Naftali Bennett, is the only one who offers a stuttering option in this spirit of Bennett: ‘either yes or no and what is certain perhaps’. Saar is the only one who declares that he will not repeat the problem called blue and white and / or Gantz / Nissenkorn. He is the only one who crumbles the equation that has been naturalized on the right, and certainly among the bibists, according to which right means Netanyahu: right = Netanyahu.

4. The only secret weapon – and the most delusional – that the Likud uses against the hydrogen bomb that hovers over its head, is Saar’s painting in the colors of the left. Prime Minister Netanyahu, this week: “The anesthetist came out of the bag. Saar announced that he would join the left-wing government” (Israel Today, 12.12.20), while MK Nir Barkat (also from Netanyahu’s victims who received an unfulfilled promise for the finance portfolio), quoted from the message sheet this week Of Balfour, in a radio interview, and claimed that anyone who would vote for Saar would form a left-wing government here, Rahmana Letzelen.

5. Alas. It is amazing how much the words of the prophet Jeremiah, “and a man in his neighbor will hang and truth they will not speak, have taught their tongue a false thing,” are fulfilled before our eyes. Barkat, who warns against a government led by Saar, forgets that before our very eyes is now a government whose head has betrayed the best files to the left; Appointments of dozens of anti-conservative judges by Nissenkorn, while showing utter helplessness on the right.

And most serious, the unforgettable disgrace of 2013: after the election, Netanyahu invited Tzipi to his government first and foremost. Then Yair Lapid. At the same time, he deliberately missed Bennett and Shaked, in order to leave them out and form a left-wing Netanyahu-Livni-Lapid government. Only the Brotherhood forced him to join Bennett and Shaked in his government. Is that what Gideon Saar will do? And if so, God forbid, he definitely has someone to learn from.

6. More serious is the contempt for the right, which Netanyahu demonstrated this week by accusing Saar of being left-wing. This is already a real panic, which probably stems from the understanding that Saar, with all the number of seats he will receive, even a single-digit amount, will really be able to tilt the balance of power.

Assault on the left? You laughed. By any criterion, in comparing Netanyahu to Saar, Saar is the real right. Netanyahu supported the disengagement; Saar objected. Netanyahu strangles her sons in Jerusalem and settlement; An encouraging storm. Netanyahu did not back down from the principle of ‘two states for two peoples’; Assault against. For two years now, Netanyahu has been pushing for the implementation of the ruling to evacuate the illegal settlement of 200 Bedouins in Khan al-Ahmar, which means blowing up a wedge between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim; Assault on its implementation. Netanyahu abandoned the Temple Mount to the Waqf; Assault on the application of Israeli sovereignty on Mt. Netanyahu is dragging his feet on the issue of regulating the 69 20-year-old pioneering settlements, which to this day live in Judea and Samaria under conditions of uncertainty with frequent power and water supply disruptions; an attack in favor of regulating the rights of 10,000 settlers: Israelis and soldiers, doctors and teachers

7. One last word about the ultra-Orthodox: A random survey conducted by the ultra-Orthodox radio Kol Chai among its listeners revealed that Netanyahu enjoys 38 percent support, followed by Saar with 18% and Bennett with 13%. Of course, the survey is not scientific, and the ultra-Orthodox in any case vote only for the sector parties, but there are directions: the ultra-Orthodox, the Jews of the ‘pure jug of oil’, prefer an atheist devouring appetites and depravity, from Shabbat space, over the other two , Observes Shabbat, eats only kosher food and puts on tefillin every morning.

Perhaps this is the ultra-Orthodox’s unique way of expressing their true attitude toward the state. Many of them (not all of them!) Argue that it has no religious / value / spiritual status, and is only a technical instrument that is not a ‘beginning of the growth of our salvation’, and therefore it does not really matter what its conduct – observance or trampling – of its leader.

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