Arkia offers a “dollar flight”, but is it really worth it?

Arkia plane (Facebook / Arkia photo)

Following the peace with the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf countries, the dam was of course also opened to the Israeli tourist who can now visit completely new destinations for him. Arkia recently announced the offer: a flight for only one dollar in the purchase of accommodation at a hotel in Dubai.

But an examination by the Consumer Council revealed that in practice, the price already embodies both the price of the hotel and the price of the flight, and that the same service can be obtained at a similar price or even cheaper at the purchase of the flight and hotel separately. Please note that the price displayed by Arkia does not include mandatory payments of local taxes such as municipal fees, tourist tax and local service fee.

Image from Arkia’s website. Screenshot of the Consumer Council screen

Advocate Yael Cohen-Shavat, Deputy Legal Adviser at the Consumer Council, explained: . “This marketing method, which claims to offer a benefit or gift for $ 1, can mislead consumers and make them make the purchase without checking whether the deal is indeed worthwhile.”

She added: “It should be noted that Israeli law does not prohibit the sale of products or services at a loss price, unlike other countries (in Europe for example) where the presentation of a cost price or zero price is prohibited due to harm to competition.”

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