Arkady Duchin and Ben Caspit: The Sulha – News in Israel

Arkady Duchin

Arkady Duchin

Photo: Hezki Baruch

About a week ago, a video was published on the Internet in which singer Eden Ben Zaken collaborated with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and together they performed the song “I Have Love” written by Arkady Duchin.

The publication of the video provoked a great deal of discussion on social media and in the media, and among other things, Ben Caspit’s program was discussed. During the discussion between Yinon and Ben, Yinon suggested that Duchin be broadcast.

Ben, who did not remember that the song was written by Duchin, attributed his writing to Arik Einstein and said that there was no reason to put Duchin on the air. After that, Duchin posted a post on social media in which he attacked Caspit. Today (Wednesday), Duchin aired on the show in order to settle the issues.

“My memory of my ability to express myself as a public, newcomer who came here is miserable,” Duchin said. “I came to Manny Peer who asked me a question and did not let me answer, because he said ‘speak you do not know’. You touch me on very sensitive points, I am neither drowsy nor drowsy, and I am a dictator and can bite anyone who needs it if he does not behave nicely.”

Duchin added: “I do not think my speech should be analyzed because it has nothing to do with this thing. I tried to say that before playing a song because of one political fact or another, one should find out, because I was not asked at all. The matter of drowsiness is unnecessary.” He clarified: “Whoever goes against the song is an idiot and the song is an innocent baby, you can take an innocent baby and use it in an innocent way.

“Whoever goes against the song is an idiot. When you give birth to a song you give birth to a child and he can also be a criminal. The baby is not guilty, he is born innocent. The song is not guilty. I experienced it as someone who attributes me to something I do not believe in politics, on all sides “I am against politics. There is copyright law in Israel and around the world, they did not ask me. I apologize if I was harmed.”

Ben Caspit explained why he objected a few days ago to putting it on the air: “If I remembered you wrote the song right away I would say let’s put Arkady up, I thought he was just throwing there. We’re a show of turmoil and you speak calmly, I said it half-heartedly You’re the enemy of the people. On the contrary. You’re one of the biggest quintet that has been here. You’re an exciting and amazing musician. The person who wrote against the song is an idiot, “and added at the end:” I apologize if I hurt you. Next time, pick up the phone and I’ll explain to you, I’ll tell you memorizing guilt in everything. “