Are rich countries turning to COVID vaccines?

The United States, as of now, has received 100 million doses from Pfizer, with the option to purchase up to an additional 500 million. There are also 200 million prescriptions from Moderna, with an additional 300 million doses if needed. The U.S. also placed a preemptive order on 810 million doses between offers from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Novavas, and Sanofi. In total, that means the U.S. has direct access to up to 1.5 billion vaccine doses; the US population is 331 million. At the same time, the European Union has received 1.3 billion across most of the same companies, for its estimated population of 447.7 million. In addition, he has the option to buy an additional 660 million from the German company CurVac if he chooses. Britain was claiming up to 357 million doses with the additional 152 million option from Valneva for its population of just under 68 million. Even with these big purchases, it is not certain how quickly these countries can give the vaccine to everyone because there are many vaccines that are not yet ready for distribution.