Apple releases a supporting document showcasing the low-power mode of AirPods Max

Apple has just updated the support page which outlines the key performance metrics including charges and battery-related aspects of the AirPods Max that have just been released. The supporting document gives us an insight into how headphones behave when not in use.AirPods Max

The support page specifies that, when the headphones are in a steady state for 5 minutes, in order to conserve battery power significantly, the low power mode is automatically activated. The low power mode ensures that some battery drainage activities are minimized to reflect the idleness. The next milestone is reached after the mobile phones have been without any activity for 72 hours (three days).

At this point, they go into an even lower power mode that turns off Bluetooth and several power drain functions.

When using the provided case of the AirPods Max wireless headphones, the device will immediately switch to the low power mode. The ultra low power mode is activated after 18 hours of using the case. When the ultra-low power mode is active, then Bluetooth and Find My feature are turned off in this very low power mode.

The tech giant in particular used the word ultra-low power to indicate the lowest power saving option while using the case but it remains to be seen how the so-called ultra-low power mode inter- different from the lowest power mode when not in use.

As can be seen in other headphones without these new power mode capabilities, the big difference is that while these AirPods have a power button to turn off power when not in use, the AirPods don’t have one. AirPods Max, however, uses a variety of technology that has incorporated a kind of smart behavior and energy conservation into the device’s operation.

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