Apple Certificate and Other Browser Manufacturers Kazakhstan HTTPS Certificate Used to Convince Citizens

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Apple has teamed up with Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla to block a web browser root certificate used by the Kazakhstan government to track its citizens.

The certificate allowed authorities to monitor people’s online activity by capturing and decrypting HTTPS traffic from residents of Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

Local ISPs have been asked to block foreign websites including Google and Twitter, unless users have the certificate submitted, but Apple and the other browser makers on Friday worked together to prohibit the certificate, according to ZDNet.

Since the ban, Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, and Safari refuse to work with the certificate, and the browsers throw up error messages to users who have submitted it, telling them that the certificate cannot be processed. used because it is unreliable.

Mar ZDNet notes, this is the second time the four browser makers have blocked a certificate issued by the Kazakh government for one-to-one attacks. The first block came in August 2019, and implemented a certificate ban that was used to block traffic for various Russian and English social media sites.

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