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The handball game between Hapoel Ashdod and Bnei Herzliya ended in a 31:31 tie with a goal of the last seconds from Nemanja Goodwick.

A game of equality. (Photo: Moshe Dahan).

A few seconds determined the result of the droid game between Ashdod and Herzliya. The game that ended in a dramatic draw in Ashdod was 31:31, after a crazy thriller between Hapoel Sp Ashdod and Bnei Herzliya.

60 minutes of fighting by both teams and a fair distribution of points at the end after a dramatic goal in the closing seconds of Nemanja Goodwick. Ram Turknitz premieres in the red uniform. On Thursday, Ashdod will leave for Holon in another very difficult game, live broadcast on the sports channel at 18:30.

Scored to Ashdod: Gabor Langhans – 7 goals, Nivo Levy – 6 goals, Vladi Kaufman – 5 goals, Ram Turknitz with 4 goals (3 goals from seven meters), Omer Gera – 3 goals, Omri Kushmero and Guy Cordova with 2 goals Assaf Benguzi and Lou Exbrod with one goal each.

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