An ultra-Orthodox is hospitalized in fair condition following a police failure

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An ultra-Orthodox is hospitalized in fair condition following a police failure

Photo: Communications Minister for BTP

An unusual police omission. Yosef Fleischman, a well-known figure in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem and a mentally ill man, was arrested on Wednesday night by police officers who came to his apartment, pulled him out of his bed and took him by force to the police car waiting at the end of the street barefoot and without winter gear.

Only after realizing that this was a mistaken identification was he released in the middle of the street, still barefoot and without warm clothing.

The arrest of Yosef Fleischman (Photo: Israel MK)

Every Thursday he was absent, and only on Thursday, around 22:00 in the evening, was he located in an open area in the Givat Hamatos neighborhood by Ihud Hatzalah and ZAK volunteers who searched for him. He was found lying with a girl and trying to cover himself with the ground from the cold.

Fleischmann is in a state of severe, debilitated hypothermia, with no ability to communicate with the environment. He was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital in a moderate condition.

Police initially claimed Fleischman was arrested after he was a criminal suspect, but on Saturday night admitted that it was a false arrest. As of tonight Fleischman is hospitalized and there is a fear that he has suffered irreversible damage.

Lessons will be learned

The Israeli police responded: “Following a complaint received by the police about threats, the police arrived at the address given to them by the complainant. There they met a person who refused to identify himself as required, so they had to be detained and refused to cooperate.” For questioning about the threats, so the man was released immediately.

Later in the day, a report was received that the man was missing and the police began carrying out a variety of operations until he was located. In addition, we intend to investigate the case and, if necessary, the necessary lessons will be learned accordingly. “

Homeland Security Minister Amir Ohana came to visit Fleischmann at the hospital: “I expressed to Yosef my deep sorrow at what had happened. I sent him on behalf of many citizens who appealed to me a strengthening hug and good health wishes. The Israel Police will investigate the incident and draw lessons from it to reduce the recurrence of such cases. “

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