An entire season drains into one game

Despite the loss to Maccabi Tel Aviv in Kiryat Shmona, they reach the closing round of the regular season in a good position, the fate of Refuah’s trainees is at their feet. On the eve of the round, Kiryat Shmona is in fifth place leading to the top playoff and if the team does the job and wins in Kfar Saba at 19:15, the northerners will not have to run and listen to the results on the other pitches.

“It’s a game for an entire season, for several years now this club has not been in the top playoffs and it was time to bring it back to its natural place, there is pressure but it is in our hands” said a player on the team. Professionally Sacco Torre is expected to return to 11 on account of Yoav Hoffmeister who was sent off in the previous round. At the front will pay, I will try and Lucio to cooperate.

The team coach Kobe Medicine He stated: “There are games where there is no need to exaggerate, an entire season drains into an Eid game and we will have to arrive as prepared as possible to prove that we have a place in the top playoffs.”

Estimated composition: Dziugas Bartakus, Dor Alo, Uri Dahan, Idan Nachmias, Ziv Morgan, Samuel Brown, Roi Kehat, Sacco Tora, Muhammad Shachar, Eugene Ansa, Lucio.

Injury blow in Kfar Saba

Hapoel Kfar Saba did not pray for this moment. Just before the closing game of the regular league, the team from Sharon will arrive battered, injured and lacking so many key players.

Two difficult days go by for the Greens from the moment of humiliation and relegation from the cup in a 3-0 defeat against Hapoel Afula from the national league in the state cup. The feelings among the team members are bad and yesterday it was Elisha Levy who at the meeting spoke and told the players how embarrassing it was to get off the field in such a way.

Omar Danino. He is also in doubt (Itzik Blanitzky)

Although Elisha Aware of the need to lift his trainees ahead of the league where the team’s situation has worsened in the last month: “Everything is close to the table and things can change in our favor if we know how to win again.”

The blow of deductions in the green ahead of the game is only growing and it seems that the main problem is around the center of defense. Tal Makhlouf is injured and will be out for a long time, as well as Itai Shor who will not play because of the yellows. Omar Danino only returned to practice yesterday and is also in doubt, with goalkeeper Itamar Israeli injured and also absent from the upcoming game.

In such a situation, Elisha has a very big problem, what’s more, Tom Shelach was also injured and Aviv Solomon was sent off in the cup. On them should also be added the T-shirt Gethon that is disabled due to injury in the last two weeks. One of the players said: “It’s one big despair what’s happening to us. No one believed it would happen. The snowball must be stopped in front of KS.

Van Leven speaks ahead of the derby