Amsalem: “Ignore Dina Zilber’s delusional opinion”

Amsalem: “Ignore Dina Zilber’s delusional opinion”


Adina Welman, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

Another clash between National Digital Minister and Corporate Authority Commissioner Dudi Amsalem of the Likud and Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber, against the background of Amsalem’s intention to abolish the ‘team of directors’ which is supposed to sever a candidate’s political affiliation with his appointment, but according to Amsalem .

As I recall, Zilber outlined to Amsalem the boundaries of the decree for the appointment of directors and informed him that: “The Attorney General’s position is that the principled position presented in the draft of my opinion (regarding the placement of directors – Lag) is final and binding.”

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In a letter sent this evening by Minister Amsalem to Yaakov Quint, director of the Government Companies Authority, Amsalem instructed the authority to continue the process of canceling the selection of directors for government companies.

Amsalem attacked the conduct of Zilber and the ombudsman: “I would ask you to ignore the delusional opinion of Ms. Dina Zilber backed by Mr. Mandelblit, who, as is well known, are not above the law, and yet continue with their bullying conduct and demand the perpetuation of Yesh Atid’s elite elite. “Unfortunately, they will do and do everything to interfere with my work, while violating the law rudely and blatantly.”

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The minister added, “A director in a government company is not a position – this is a mission that should be reflected in the worldview of government ministers, who, among other things, were elected to appoint them in accordance with the criteria set out in the law.”

“To remind you, over 80% of government companies’ purpose is not to maximize economic profits, but to provide a service, mainly social, to the citizens of Israel. Therefore, I instruct you to act in accordance with the Companies Law as written and worded. Ms. Zilber & Co. “

The Movement for the Quality of Government: Amsalem takes care of his place in the primaries

The Movement for the Quality of Government responded to Amsalem’s letter: “While the public’s eyes are on the economic crisis and the health crisis, there are those who in the dark are trying to steal our country.”

“The team of directors has significantly reduced the ill-fated evil of political appointments to associates – a phenomenon that has fatally damaged the public service and filled it with unskilled activists. Since the activists were expelled, the profits of government companies have risen by close to 70%.”

According to the movement, “Minister Dudi Amsalem is trying to bring the country back to the days when government companies were burdened with the well-being of politicians. He is probably taking care of his place in the primaries.”

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