‘Among Us’ will arrive on Xbox systems next year

Among them arriving on more consoles next year, starting with the Xbox family.

Following the news that the game would be bundled with the Xbox Game Pass for PC, Microsoft then quietly revealed that Xbox owners will be able to play Among them from their consoles sometime in 2021.

Following the PC release yesterday (December 17), the company followed up with another tweet to break the news. According to response, Among them coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

See full message below:

The game was first launched into the Nintendo Switch, after the recent Indie Showcase episode released the title earlier in the week. It marked the first time the game has left PC and mobile devices.

The Play Awards unveiled a new map, featuring new actions, traversal mechanics and the ability for players to select their starting position on the map. There is no confirmed confirmation date outside the early 2021 release window.

Among themAttendance at the Play Awards also brought great benefits home. During the show he won Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game. Despite the game first being released in 2018, its popularity this year grew it deserved the awards.

Fortnite also trying the Among them formula with its new game mode – The Spy Within. Players are divided into two teams and must find the spies among their ranks.