Americans support the accusation of capitol protesters – poll

Most Americans see the accusation of the Capitol protesters as “very important,” and a similar division sees political terrorism as a “major problem” for the country, according to a new Opinion Research Center poll. Pew.

According to the March 1-7 survey panel of 12,055 U.S. adults, 87% of Americans see legal action against the protesters as “at least something important.” While differences between those identified as Republican continued to be anti-democratic, 79% and 95% respectively, both groups tended to be strongly supportive of anti-dissident activity. .

Americans also seem to have moderate confidence in the institutional responses to the conflicts. A prevalence of 44% of Americans believes that the capitol riots have received the right attention, and that 69% have moderate confidence in federal law enforcement to detect and prosecute the rioters.
Pro-Trump protesters stopped the Capitol on Jan. 6. Trump supporters who were guilty were outraged by the results of the 2020 U.S. primary elections, arguing over the legitimacy of the voting process. Protesters stormed police barricades, taking videos and selfies while setting fires, inspecting the building and destroying the building. Several people were killed during the riots, and dozens were injured.

Pew’s opinion also influenced such political radicalism. The study shows that Americans are currently more concerned about political terrorism than religious terrorism, even though they are divided about the kind of political radicalism that concerns them. On average, half of Americans see left-right and right-wing terrorism as a major problem, but more than 70% of Democrats and Republicans see the radical signs of face political streams as bigger problems than finishers in their own camps. Only about 30% of Democrats and Republicans see terrorism among left or right supporters as a major problem.

One of the radical groups that led the Capitol riots was the supporters of QAnon. Pew’s poll showed that 61% of Americans are familiar with the QAnon conspiracy theories. However, Republican individuals are more likely than Democrats to say they do not know about QAnon.

QAnon is a set of conspiracy theories that say former President Trump was involved in a secret war against a cabal of high-ranking cannibalistic, pedophilic political elites, and a “storm” is imminent in whether the cable will be removed and arrested. “QAnon” is a combination of “Q” and “Anonymous.” Anon is the nickname for users of the 4chan online forum, which is an anonymous platform where the conspiracies first appeared, posted by a user called “Q.” As revealed by the Phoenix Office Magazine released, the group has been monitoring QAnon since at least 2019 out of concern that they would carry themselves out of it. the belief that the cable exists.

The Pew Research Center is a non – partisan organization that studies public sentiment on key public issues and trends. The March 1–7 study was conducted by a panel of randomly selected U.S. adults, participating through self-administered internet surveys. 89% of those selected responded to the survey.