Ambape is formidable, but Holland is better than him

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Arling Braut Holland and Killian Ambape (Reuters)

Arling Braut Holland and Killian Ambape (Reuters)

Luis Suarez is experiencing an unusual season at Atletico Madrid. After being thrown out of Barcelona, ​​the striker leads the Colchoneros to the championship at the expense of the ex who is on fire from behind, when in the last round he even scored his 500th career goal in a 0-1 win over Alabs. On the occasion of the special occasion, the striker gave an extensive interview to ‘Marca’, in which, among other things, the Uruguayan star referred to his former team and even a question about the two rising stars of world football.

“I was not surprised by the gesture of Barcelona,” said Suarez, referring to a tweet posted by his former team after reaching 500 goals, “I know they appreciate what I did for the club. I scored 200 goals in Barcelona and they will stay with me forever. I also appreciate this club for everything it has given me ”.

A huge penalty save for Obelek and a huge goal for Suarez!

The striker went on to talk about the future generation of world football, with the two names he marked not particularly surprising and even providing his answer as to which he prefers of the two: “I think Charling Holland is a great player, he plays at a spectacular level and evokes surprises. It has extraordinary physical strengths. He is one of the best ‘9 ‘pioneers in the world and I have no doubt he will start a new era in world football. Ambape? “I think the Netherlands are better than him, although Ambape is a great player as well.”

Arling Holland Celebrates (Reuters)Arling Holland Celebrates (Reuters)