Allan: My kids love Ronaldo but his Juventus shirt is banned in my house!

The former Napoli midfielder says his kids are limited to just Real Madrid No. 1 shirts. 7 when they support the Portuguese star

Everton midfielder Allan says his two children idolize Cristiano Ronaldo, but he will not allow the Portuguese star’s Juventus kitchen to wear.

Allan recently cut off his hair as a show of intimacy for nine-year-old Miguel, who suffers from alopecia.

Manuela, the daughter of Miguel and Allan, are both big fans of Ronaldo, although he does not allow them to wear a real Real Madrid image shirt.

What did Alan say?

“Of course, he loves football, he’s always watching football, he’s always in the Everton shirt and the shirts of the other teams I’ve played with,” the midfielder said. former Napoli stadium, according to the Liverpool Echo. “My biggest inspiration is being with my daughter at home.

“They are big fans of Cristiano Ronaldo so he’s always had a Ronaldo shirt, however he’s not allowed to have a Ronaldo Juventus shirt because they are big rivals of Naples, so there are a lot of Real Madrid No. shirts. 7 at home.

“That’s normal. Kids always dream about scoring goals and idolizing the goalcorers, my son is an exception.”

Alan at Everton

The Brazilian midfielder signed with Everton in the summer, moving from Napoli in a £ 22m ($ 30m) deal.

He has made 17 appearances for the club this season, with Everton currently seventh in the Premier League.

The Toffees are expected to face Manchester City on Saturday in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup.

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