Ahead of the vaccination campaign: Delays in the HMOs

The vaccination campaign against Corona is expected to begin tomorrow (Sunday), with hospital staff and medical staff at the forefront. In preparation for the opening of the vaccine for the at-risk population on Wednesday, some of the health funds began to allow appointments. At Clalit HMO, more than half of the appointments have already been scheduled. At the Maccabi HMO, there was a delay and a lack of response at the hotline. And what about the other HMOs? Update.

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At the Clalit Health Fund In the first phase, about 35,000 corona vaccines were received. According to the fund, about 20,000 queues have been received so far and anyone who has received a summons notice and belongs to the population at risk – can still book a queue. At the National HMO In the meantime, appointments have only been opened for the medical staff. For the at-risk population – Corona vaccine appointments will only open tomorrow morning. At the United Health Insurance Fund There are only a few places left for vaccination only for at-risk populations.

Appointment for a vaccination at the United Health Insurance Fund
Appointment for a vaccination at the United Health Insurance Fund

Maccabi HMO:

The Maccabi HMO is the one that probably experienced the greatest congestion, which led to delays in answering the call center. “Since Thursday afternoon, tens of thousands of calls have been received to make an appointment for the vaccine,” the fund said.

The company’s Facebook page has received complaints from members of the fund that have not been answered for a long time. “It does not make sense to wait two and a half hours on the line for a response. This is exactly what is happening to me now,” wrote one surfer, “It is not possible to book an appointment on the site (unlike the flu vaccine, which is possible). I find it hard to believe so many people wait patiently for hours on the line “And if Maccabi’s line is staffed at all, there is probably one employee who answers the inquiries, and all the callers will suffer quietly.”

Another surfer recounted a similar experience. ““Trying from Thursday to coordinate for a 77-year-old woman who is at risk and there is no answer at the call center,” she wrote, “really ashamed instead of sending a summons like Clalit in a message or calling the older population at risk who can barely cope with this whole situation.”

Tonight, they will be the first to get vaccinated in front of the cameras. The Prime Minister announced that he had asked to be vaccinated first To “set an example and convince that one can be vaccinated and should be vaccinated.”

Meanwhile, corona projector Prof. Nachman Ash visited the Kfar Reina local council in the north of the country today. During his visit, he emphasized the importance of adhering to instructions, wearing masks and avoiding gatherings during the holidays. Prof. Ash addressed the issue of opening up the education system and instructed the head of the council to decide whether to open or close the schools if he sees them as a source of the virus spreading.

The corona projector at the company tonight, Ayman Sif, turned to the Home Front Command and asked them to take responsibility for the families of the patients and provide for their needs during this period.