Age Of Empires 2 gets new DLC in January

Age Of Empires 2 gets new DLC in January

Age Of Empires 2 is set to receive its sixth expansion pack, Lords Of The West, just a foot 22 years after the base game first hit our screens. From January 26 in the year of our lord 2021, players will be able to take the Burgundians who are happy with a knight and the fallen Sicilians from the castle for spinning, as well as play through three new missions – one the responsible for the new civilization, and its third for the British, by good old Edward Longshanks. Longshanks was, of course, the baddie off at Braveheart, and so was also the baddie off the first ever AoE2 campaign, where you played as William Wallace in a series of events based entirely on history and not on the film.

Lords will be the second set of content designed specifically for AoE2 Definitive Edition, and a sequel to the super-The Last Khans, which was included in the Def Ed at release. When it arrives, AoE2 will be able to assemble 37 playable civilians, thirty weird single-player missions, most of them redesigned for DE, and revamped publicity in a PC game that I don’t. thinking someone saw coming. With a successful competitive outlook, a growing audience on Twitch, and a growing space in Steam charts, it seems for a while that AoE2 is back in the making, and the spread of old-fashioned expansion is ‘shows that there is still plenty more to be sewn on his tapestry.

I’ve played 500 hours of AoE2 this year, and there’s no way it can be anything but my Game o ’year, so this sounds like a beautiful dream to me. It’s as if a beloved childhood pet has returned from the dead with a series of infertile divine powers, and it’s just getting bigger and bigger. Mind you, while I’m nowhere near a top player, I know enough that my eyes have been raised a bit at the bonuses and abilities of the two new civilizations.

The Sicilian seems to be the more reasonable of the two. Apparently, they are all about success in the Castle Age. Their town centers and castles build at double speed, while their farms get better as you build more of them, and they have two special units – a hard walker called the serjeant , and a new beefy tower called the donjon that can build both serjeants, and being taken up by serjeants. Their unique technologies, meanwhile, seem to have been designed as a lethal continuous punch to the big rise, with the first seven spawning at every existing city center for a flat rate, and the second giving fifteen gold to themselves and any team for each weapon unit under their control. Yikes.

A collection of Italian buildings.

Ye olde Sicilians.

And remember, they are the rational ones. The Burgundians, named after the wine that flows instead of their blood, are a nightmare. They have a unique cavalry unit, a unique animal anti-cavalry unit, economic upgrades available one full age earlier than anyone else gets them, and knights recovering half their gold cost on death. Oh well, there’s a new face on a knight’s rush, already set in a career bully splinter. But wait, there’s more! The unique Burgundian Vineyards technology converts food into gold at a 2: 1 ratio, while their Flemish Revolution technology instantly upgrades every city into combat units. Ultrayikes.

Why ultrayikes? At the moment, any game of long-running AoE2 goes into a level called “Wars of the Trash”, where all the gold on the map has run its course. -out, with everyone just spamming the cheapest units around in a grim war, like something. of attraction. Some of the existing civilians have marginal bonuses in those gloomy end times, but the Burgundians basically have Ragnarok, with the ability to suddenly bring themselves fortunes in gold, and then turned all the peasants into warriors. Give them a Sicilian team player, with the ability to throw lots of units and gold on the map at the end of the game, and I can’t see how any counter could be made.

The sprawling, festering heart of the Burgundian mind hive ..

This is how fear is now.

That sounds like creep power, so it is, my lie * turns a turnip *. Given the quality of the monthly balance sheets over the first year of DE’s life, I hope the developers of Forgotten Empires do this right. But whatever goes between this and the release, this civic design was not what it used to be, where bonuses and special units tended to offer only a slight difference from the norm. Dare I say it even feels a bit Age Of Empires III? At the very least it will turn the competitive meta on its head. It could break completely. However, I think the secret to AoE2 ‘s successful resurgence so far has been the fear of tinkering with its juices – so let the wine, and the blood, flow in January.

Age of Empires 2: Lords Of The West launches on January 26, 2021. You can read the full details of the expansion, and pre-order if you would, here.

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