Again at the top: Maccabi Tel Aviv at the top with 0: 1 over KPS

Outstanding Actor

Dor Peretz, Score: 8
A wonderful play for the midfielder who was involved at every point on the field and never stopped being on the move

The disappointing actor

Sudik Atanda, Score: 4
Very weak ability, recorded a number of ball losses

Maccabi Tel Aviv returned tonight (Saturday), at least temporarily, to a place it knows so well. The champion defeated Hapoel Kfar Saba 0: 1 in the 21st round and returned to first place in the table, at least until Maccabi Haifa’s game against Beitar Jerusalem on Monday.

After several games in which the ability was not impressive, the Yellows dominated this time from the opening against an opponent who was completely eliminated and came to countless opportunities, but time and time again were not accurate or stopped by Itamar Israeli. But a goal by Alexander Peshich from Tal Ben Haim’s header in the 41st minute made the difference and gave three precious points and a sixth victory in a row.

Thanks to the victory, the champion raised her balance to 45 points, one more than Maccabi Haifa, and rose to first place this season, all just before the first game against Shakhtar Donetsk in the last 32 of the Europa League on Thursday. The bad news comes from Jonathan Cohen, who was slated to return to the squad but was injured in the warm-up at the last minute.

Van Leven and Ben Haim after the win over Caps

Elisha Levy’s Greens, on the other hand, were simply invisible for 90 minutes, did almost nothing offensive on the field and looked like a team that would have to make an effort to survive in the league.

Peretz and Hernandez celebrate at the end (Radad Jabara)Peretz and Hernandez celebrate at the end (Radad Jabara)

Half a second

Schechter and Geralds celebrate at the end (Radad Jabara)Schechter and Geralds celebrate at the end (Radad Jabara)
  • ’90 +5

  • Other
  • Foxman just finished. For the first time this season, Maccabi Tel Aviv rises to first place
  • ’90 +2

  • Spare
  • Last replacement at Maccabi Tel Aviv, Balteksa replaced Dan Bitton
Eduardo dragged after the terrible miss (Radad Jabara)Eduardo dragged after the terrible miss (Radad Jabara)
  • ’90 +1

  • acidification
  • What a terrible miss by Guerrero. Hozz burst well from the left and put in a great ball, Guerrero got the ball 7 yards from goal when he was completely alone and had to score, but managed to miss the frame
  • ’90

  • acidification
  • The champion won a free kick on the left wing, Bitton lifted well into the box and Eitan Tibi hit, just over the goal. Big miss of the brake
Sharan Yeni gives Dor Peretz the captain's armband before the split (Radad Jabara)Sharan Yeni gives Dor Peretz the captain’s armband (Radad Jabara)
  • ’79

  • Spare
  • And Shahar Phiben came in to replace Sharan Yeni
  • ’79

  • Spare
  • Another double replacement at Maccabi Tel Aviv. Eduardo Guerrero replaces Avi Rikan
  • ’77

  • Spare
  • Last replacement in Kfar Saba, and this is an offensive replacement. Or Dassah enters instead of Atanda
Danino precedes Rikan to the ball (Radad Jabara)Danino precedes Rikan to the ball (Radad Jabara)
  • ’75

  • acidification
  • Another attempt by Rikan, again to the frame, but again his ball went to the center of the goal and an Israeli had no trouble catching
Dan Bitton (Radad Jabara)Dan Bitton (Radad Jabara)
  • ’72

  • acidification
  • A big miss by Dan Bitton. Matan Hozaz was sent off with a beautiful ball on the left, advanced towards the extension and passed a wide delivery that hit Atenda’s foot and reached the uncovered concrete in the center of the extension, but he tried to kick with a touch against the direction of movement instead of stopping and kicking and the ball went high above the goal
  • ’68

  • Spare
  • Minute 68: Fourth substitution in Kfar Saba when Timothy Mozi, the new loanee from Maccabi Haifa, replaces Omar Padida
  • ’65

  • Spare
  • And with me Schechter came in instead of Alexander Peshich
Matan Hozaz Miriam (Radad Jabara)Matan Hozaz Miriam (Radad Jabara)
  • ’65

  • Spare
  • A double replacement at Maccabi Tel Aviv and the two producers of the advantage gate are coming down. Matan Hozaz enters in place of the cook Tal Ben Haim
  • ’63

  • Spare
  • Third substitution in the KPS – Raz Cohen replaces Omar Lakau
  • ’61

  • Yellow card
  • Amdo Sokona entered Foxman’s notebook after a foul on Dor Peretz
  • ’59

  • offside
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv had already celebrated a second goal after a push by Peshich from close range, but Hakwon raised a flag for the dissident and after a check on VAR, Foxman was informed that he would indeed differ in the delivery to the goal scorer and the goal was canceled
Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)Dor Peretz (Radad Jabara)
  • ’52

  • acidification
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv continues to try to double. This time Ben Haim prepared for Dor Peretz who tried a kick from 20 meters, but his ball missed the frame slightly
  • ’51

  • acidification
  • Tal Ben Haim snatched the ball about 25 meters from the goal and handed it to Dor Peretz, the ball passed between several players and reached Avi Rikan who kicked to the frame, but an Israeli was in place again.
Tal Ben Haim vs. Danino (Radad Jabara)Tal Ben Haim vs. Danino (Radad Jabara)
  • ’49

  • acidification
  • Opportunity for Tal Ben Haim to double. The winger received the ball on the left side of the extension, misled Makhlouf and released a good kick to the bottom corner of the goal, but an Israeli went down well and headed to the corner. The corner kick was again raised directly to the head of Dor Peretz, but this time it hit an archery ball that an Israeli had no trouble catching.
  • ’46

  • Spare
  • And Amado Sokona enters in place of Ben Reichert and joins Kisito on the edge
Elisha Levy (Radad Jabara)Elisha Levy (Radad Jabara)
  • ’46

  • Spare
  • Elisha Levy made a double substitution with the rise to the second half. Itai Schur replaced Tom Shelach

first half

Peshich Celebrates (Radad Jabara)Peshich Celebrates (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players celebrate (Radad Jabara)
Peshich celebrates with Ben Haim (Radad Jabara)Peshich celebrates with Ben Haim (Radad Jabara)
Peshich runs to celebrate with Ben Haim (Radad Jabara)Peshich runs to celebrate with Ben Haim (Radad Jabara)
  • ’41

  • Gate
  • Gate! Maccabi Tel Aviv goes up to 0: 1: Tal Ben Haim was sent by Rikan with a deep ball to the left wing in front of Danino, overcame it, turned nicely and picked up a great ball towards the 5th line, where Alexander Peshich ran, who jumped high above Two defensive players and a strong and accurate hit to the net by an Israeli
  • ’35

  • acidification
  • A good opportunity for Maccabi Tel Aviv. Seborit picked up a ball from the left side of the far side of the extension, Dan Bitton came and passed to the center of the extension to Avi Rikan, who kicked a dangerous ball that rubbed a defender’s foot and went to the corner. The corner ball was lifted straight at Dor Peretz’s head. And slammed hard, but sadly missed the frame
Enrique Saborit (Radad Jabara)Enrique Saborit (Radad Jabara)
  • ’28

  • Yellow card
  • First yellow card of the game is taken away from Enrique Sborit after an unnecessary foul on Ben Reichert
Riken hits the goal (Radad Jabara)Riken hits the goal (Radad Jabara)
  • ’22

  • acidification
  • Another good opportunity for Maccabi Tel Aviv. Seborit ran with the ball on the left, passed it to Dor Peretz who passed it to Ben Haim, who picked up a good ball towards the extension, Avi Rikan hit a ball that hit the pitch and reached Dan Bitton, who kicked towards the frame but the Israeli headed well.
  • ’18

  • acidification
  • First significant opportunity and again it was Avi Rikan. This time a ball was put in the box on the right, the green defense only managed to get as far as the area of ​​the 16th line where Rikan waited, who took control of the ball, misled one player and released a dangerous kick that hit a defender’s foot and missed itamar Itamar Israeli’s hair slightly
Peshic tries to take control of the ball (Radad Jabara)Peshic tries to take control of the ball (Radad Jabara)
  • ’13

  • acidification
  • First threat of the Yellows to the frame. This time Dan Bitton picked up a ball to the left of the field and found Peshich’s head, which hit not well enough and an Israeli had no trouble catching
  • ’10

  • acidification
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv completely dominated in the first minutes and also reached the Kafas extension area several times, but the first kick towards the goal came only after 10 minutes of play. Seborit put in a ball from the left, Rikan kicked in a half turn and got a weak kick – the ball rolled slowly near the left beam of the goal
Pre-match points (Radad Jabara)PSP players before the game (Radad Jabara)
Maccabi Tel Aviv players before the game (Radad Jabara)Maccabi Tel Aviv players before the game (Radad Jabara)
  • ‘1

  • Other
  • David Foxman launched the game in the colony. Just before the game, in the warm-up, Yonatan Cohen, who was supposed to return to the championship squad, was injured and Tal Ben Haim entered 11 in his place at the last minute.