After deciding not to run, Gabi Ashkenazi announces: “I will vote blue and white”

Benzi Robin, Knitted News19.03.21 11:26 Friday in Nissan Tishpa

Photo: Miriam Elster / Flash 90

4 days before the 2021 elections, Foreign Minister MK Gabi Ashkenazi breaks the silence and announces who he will support.

In a post he published this morning (Friday), he wrote: “I have known Benny Ganz for many years. Two years ago I joined him in an attempt to change the government and when we failed – then balance him.”

“We were not free from good will, and mistakes were made. We wanted to serve a kingdom and not a monarchy. On Tuesday I will vote ‘blue and white’ led by Bnei Gantz. A brave, honest and valiant warrior.”

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According to most recent polls published today, “blue and white” fluctuates slightly above the blocking percentage.

According to the poll conducted by the Maagar Mohot Institute for Israel Today and i24NEWS, if the election had taken place today, the map of the distribution of seats would have looked like this: Likud 29. There is a future 18. Right 10. New hope 10. The list The common 10.

Naftali Bennett at his home this morning

Also in the poll: Shas 9. Yisrael Beiteinu 8. Torah Judaism 7. Labor 5. March 5. Religious Zionism. 5 Blue and white on the verge of the blocking percentage with 4 seats.

Below the blocking percentage: RAAM 1.7%. The Economic Party led by Yaron Zelicha 1.1%.

According to the division into blocs: Netanyahu bloc and right – 60 seats. Anti-Netanyahu bloc 60 seats.

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