After Babar Azam, Wasim Akram will also donate his two pennies on Sharjeel Khan fitness

The combo features the opening bat Sharjeel Khan and former Pakistani captain Wasim Akram.
  • Sharjeel Khan’s fitness has become an issue ahead of the South African tour.
  • Wasim Akram says Sharjeel has pledged to work on how healthy he is.
  • Babar Azam had earlier defended Sharjeel on the team according to his form with the bat.

KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has also commented on Sharjeel Khan ‘s fitness level, saying he needs to work on and improve it to meet international standards.

Akram, while speaking at a reception in Karachi on Saturday, outlined the pitches built by Pakistani captain Babar Azam over the selection of squads for the upcoming South Africa and Zimbabwe series .

“It’s good to have a debate about team selection between the top selector and the captain and it’s normal to have a difference of opinion,” Akram said.

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The national selection committee has been fiery over the selection of players for the Africa tour, in which a number of new faces have been introduced.

While answering a question about Sharjeel Khan, Wasim Akram said the baton has promised him to work on his well-being.

When asked about his impact on the election, the former expert said it does not hinder anyone’s business.

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Akram said he is not calling the elector and telling him who should be elected and who should not.

“I don’t have that time and those who spread rumors are like that log farigh. “