After a decade of bootstrap: ATERA has raised $ 25 million

Although it was founded in 2010, it is the first ever recruitment of the company, which develops an IT system that is able to predict and prevent failures in the organization in advance.

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The Israeli startup ATERA announces today (Tuesday) the completion of a first round of raising $ 25 million led by the American K1 fund. The company is developing an IT system that is able to predict and prevent malfunctions in the organization in advance, especially in remote work.

Data-based management system

ATERA’s system is designed for MSP and IT personnel and enables remote monitoring and management of the organization’s infrastructure. Among other things, the system allows IT professionals to transfer files, access computers remotely, support multiple users simultaneously, create automations and without restrictions on the amount of devices or servers. In addition, the system analyzes more than 40,000 data per second, and is able to predict and prevent faults in computer systems. In doing so, the company claims it can save multiple hours of manual labor and allow troubleshooting to be resolved quickly.

“The Covid-19 epidemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. The first department in the organization that was called was the IT department. The IT management solutions offered in the market today are expensive, complicated, not designed for remote work, and therefore, they are unable to provide the immediate business revolution that the new reality imposed on us requires. ATERA’s solution fully meets the renewed need, “said Gil Pekelman, CEO and co-founder of ATERA.

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In conversation with Giktiim Peckelman explains what sets the company apart from other existing IT solutions: “ATERA is the only company whose product contains in one code both the helpdesk side and the monitoring, forecasting and technical information management side. The data collected at a rate of 40,000 samples per second, 24/7, allows ATERA to predict the future and turn the IT people in the organization from Reactive to Proactive. The above not only allows the organization to move quickly to the new world of WFH but also streamlines the IT operation, in a very challenging economic period in which any streamlining is critical.

In addition, Pecklman argues that the system is so intuitive that a user can start working with it in less than an hour completely independently, without a long implementation process. Peckelman explains that the company has so far worked in a bootstrap format, but that the corona plague was “the right moment to accelerate and pressurize the gas.” From here, he plans to move the company to a wide scale at high speed. The company reports that it has a base of more than 6,000 customers worldwide and employs about 70 people in its offices in Tel Aviv.

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