Actor Debbie Glickman reveals: “I got infected with Corona”

Actor Debbie Glickman reveals: “I got infected with Corona”

Knitted News16.12.20 12:43 A. Tevet Tishpa

Actor Debbie Glickman reveals:

There is no doubt that everyone’s biggest fear these days (and certainly for those in a risk group), is to go “positive” to Corona. This nightmare was recently experienced by the veteran actor Debbie Glickman, 70.

The star of ‘Thistle’ and ‘This Is It’, revealed to Walla Tarbut that he contracted in Corona during his participation in the filming of the film ‘Oslo’, which took place in recent weeks in Prague.

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“I was very worried about what would happen,” Glickman said, which was positive for ten days. “I heard that between the fifth and seventh day there could be a severe aggravation that fortunately did not happen. I was very nervous and also worried that Shlomzion (his partner) would also be infected. Miraculously she was not infected.”

“I was very worried about what would happen” (Photo: Ohad Romano / YES)

Glickman said that despite the strict adherence to the international set for the film “Oslo”, which is expected to come up next year – HBO, some actors and staff members contracted the virus and stopped filming for two weeks. “I was careful not to see anything like that, I felt like I was in an iron dome, I was the mother of the capsules, and every two days we were checked and everyone who came in contact with us including the waiters in the hotels, the maids and the drivers. With an investment you can not even imagine not “It is possible that someone will be infected at all. Despite this, four players, including me, were infected in Corona, and there were also staff members who were infected. This caused the filming to be delayed by two weeks,” Glickman told Walla.

The film “Oslo”, which stars other Israeli actors such as: Sasson Gabay and Itzik Cohen – deals with the behind the scenes of the secret talks that led to the Oslo Accords and is expected to air next year on HBO.

Following the filming, Glickman was absent from filming for “This Is It” here 11. But last Sunday Glickman returned to Israel from Prague which is negative for Corona.

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