“Abdia will be a special player in the NBA for many years”

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The game against Brooklyn and Kevin Durant felt like a scene from a movie or a dream, but day by day we learn to get used to reality, and the reality is that Danny Abdia completely belongs to the NBA. The Israeli hosted tonight (Saturday through Sunday) his third preseason game, which ended in a 96-99 victory over Detroit.

The Israeli managed to record another solid game with 9 points and 10 rebounds (the most in the game), but even before the match he was praised by the opponent’s coach, Dwayne Casey. “His future is bright,” he said. “I love him. We met in Atlanta before the draft. He’s a nice guy and a tough kid who knows how to score and drop the ball on the floor. He’s going to be a special player for Washington and the NBA for many years.”

In the previous game against Detroit Abdia played 32 minutes, a minute less than Isak Bonga who led the team in that category, and tonight he got the most credit, by a pretty significant margin. The 19-year-old forward spent 31:38 minutes on the floor, and next on the Washington player list was Bradley Bill with 26:31 minutes.

In light of the fact Scott Brooks Continuing to express confidence in the Israeli, he was asked at the end of the game about the option that the rookie would open in the top five already against Philadelphia on Wednesday night, and he did not rule out the option at all: “There is no doubt that Danny is building a ‘case’ for himself. “It will happen. Maybe it will happen against the Sixers.”

Brooks continued: “Abdia has great talent considering he’s a 19-year-old who just came to the NBA and the state. He knows when to throw, when to deliver and when to penetrate. These are things that usually take a long time to learn.” On the premiere of Russell Westbrook he said: “Russell was exceptional, he looked really good. He concentrates solely on victory and not statistics.”

Also, Bill who scored 15 points and looked very sharp, said that during the game he told Abdia: “Be aggressive and stop giving me the ball by force”. The guard emphasized that he was satisfied with the Israeli and the amount of rebounds he took.