Abandonment of the ultra-Orthodox elderly man: An officer was appointed to investigate the scandal

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The Jerusalem District Commander recently informed Deputy Minister Meir Porush that he has appointed an investigating officer to investigate what happened to the ultra-Orthodox elder Yosef Fleishman, who was arrested and allegedly abandoned by police.

At the same time, this evening (Saturday), MK Moshe Arbel sent two appeals, to the head of the DIP and the State Comptroller, requesting immediate and strict treatment of those responsible within the police.

“On the night of December 17, 2020,” Arbel recalls at the beginning of his letter to DIP head Adv. Keren Ben Menachem, .

“Mr. Fleischman, an elderly and sick ultra-Orthodox Jew who has difficulty communicating with his surroundings, seems to be begging the police that he is having difficulty walking due to his condition. To the hospital. ”

Scandalous arrest (without credit)

According to Arbel, “While the mistake in identification can perhaps be excused and explained, the behavior of the police officers to Mr. Fleischman, a difficult and rude behavior that could have occurred in his life, can in no way be explained and can not be agreed. “Shortly wearing shoes, then releasing him to the street at night barefoot without making sure he understands where he is, why he was taken and how to return home is a very serious negligence that requires thorough investigation, criminal investigation and prosecution of those responsible.”

“Unfortunately, this case seems to be part of a broad pattern of poor and rude behavior of police officers towards people from the ultra-Orthodox community and towards people with disabilities. “From the mistake of identifying and the decision to drag Mr. Fleischman out of his house without giving him time to prepare, to the lack of understanding of Mr. Fleischman’s difficulties that led to his abandonment on the streets of Jerusalem in a place he did not know when he was not properly dressed.”

MK Arbel (Photo: Noam Revkin Fenton / Flash90)

MK Arbel (Photo: Noam Revkin Fenton / Flash90)


Finally, “I would like you to open a criminal investigation department tomorrow into the conduct of the police and commanders at Lev HaBira station in Mr. Fleischman’s case. “.

In his letter to State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelsman, after describing the details of the serious case, Arbel writes: “I would like you to examine the conduct of the police and command at Lev HaBira Station in Mr. Fleischman’s case. “When it comes to contact with minority populations and the population with disabilities.”

“This case demonstrates how ignorance, rudeness and lack of proper training can lead to loss of life. Who will give and this difficult case will be used for good and learned by all the parties involved to fix the world,” concludes Moshe Arbel.