A tribute from Samaria to a fighter who fought a terrorist

Awarding of certificates

Photo: Roi Hadi

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, together with Brigadier General Ephraim Col. Yiftach Nurkin, presented certificates of appreciation to the fighters who neutralized the terrorist about two weeks ago at the Giti Avishar junction in Samaria and prevented a stabbing attack.

The head of the Samaria Council surprised Lian Harush, the fighter who fought the terrorist, who is a lone soldier from England, and her parents were zoomed in on England and attended the ceremony.

Liane’s parents were excited and her mother Michal Harush told her: “Liane is a role model for your family and friends. Here you have always stood by your principles and not given up on Zionism and faced the obstacles I set for you. You are determined and brave and did what you had to do You, we love you very much and are proud of you to no end. “

Samaria Regional Council Chairman Yossi Dagan said while awarding the certificate of appreciation to Lian: “You are a great heroine, and we came to strengthen you as two heroes who prevented a terrorist attack and instead of hospitals we are here, before we start the ceremony I have a little surprise. We have guests from London joining us.

Dagan added and told the parents after joining: “We prepared for your dear daughter the heroic warrior a surprise, and we are excited together with you, we live in Samaria as citizens we build here, travel here, this event could have ended otherwise we could find ourselves injured visitors in hospitals “Or worse, your resourcefulness and you ended an event that could have ended tragically and horribly, as happened here not so long ago, ended properly with a routine that continues as it should.”

Brigadier General Ephraim Col. Yiftach Nurkin said: “In this specific incident, IDF fighters, in this case a loud battalion of the Home Front Command, conducted themselves exactly as we expect them to, and in this situation that someone is attacking you, IDF soldiers must overcome it. It is not a simple thing, you acted with determination and courage and finished the event in this way, and for us the task that we are being tested on a daily basis to protect the residents of Judea and Samaria in the Ephraim Brigade sector, in houses on the way home, has been done. “

Lian Hemlock the fighter who fought the terrorist thanked everyone and said: “I wanted to say thank you, we did what needed to be done I am glad everyone is healthy, thank you for everything and thank you for the surprise” she added with a smile.

The fighter who shot at the terrorist and neutralized him, said: “Thank you very much for inviting us here. It is a great honor and not obvious, very happy that we were able to act properly and most importantly that there is a sense of security, for the citizens.”