“A small shot per person, a huge step for the health of us all”: Netanyahu and Edelstein were vaccinated in Corona

Operation “Give a shoulder” is launched: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein were vaccinated in Corona this evening (Saturday) at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer. Together with them, the director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, was vaccinated alongside senior members of the medical center’s staff, including Prof. Galia Rahav and Prof. Gili Regev.

“This is a great day for the State of Israel. We have been fighting for almost a year against the worst epidemic that humanity has known in a hundred years,” Netanyahu said. “By the end of the month there will be millions of vaccines here, millions more will follow. Everyone needs to be vaccinated. I asked to be vaccinated first together with Health Minister Edelstein to set an official example and encourage the public to do so. I believe in the vaccine, tens of thousands have passed it successfully. Him. You can set off, “he noted.

“We can return to normal life”

“This is a very exciting moment,” he added. “On the way here I thought of the kids who take care of their parents, the grandchildren who want to hug grandparents, the business owners who can open their businesses; restaurant owners, gyms, we can go to soccer fields, watch a basketball game and of course, reopen the country and return it to why “That she was. To return to the normal life we ​​desire. It starts in this process, I ask everyone to join us and get vaccinated.”

Netanyahu thanked the director of Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center, Prof. Itzik Kreiss, his personal physician, Dr. Zvi Herman Berkowitz, who vaccinated him and all the medical staff. “A giant of the State of Israel and of humanity as a whole. What they did is unbelievable. What is even more obvious is that Israel is one of the first countries to be vaccinated.”

Vaccine complex in Sheba Tel Hashomer // Photo: Gideon Markovich
Edelstein noted that this date has symbolic significance for him. “Today I looked at the date – December 19th,” he said. “On this date in 1984, my trial took place in the Soviet Union because of my desire to immigrate to Israel. Today, December 19, 2020, I have the great privilege of being the Minister of Health in the Israeli government and launching the ‘Give Shoulder’ operation together with the Prime Minister. Friends, there are reasons for optimism. “

According to Prof. Levy, “This is a historic evening, after a difficult year and in light of dealing with and increasing morbidity these days. We are finally starting to vaccinate the population with a vaccine that has been proven effective and safe in experiments. There is certainly hope for prevention We will be able to maintain a different routine from a health, social and economic point of view. “

Prof. Levy gets vaccinated // Photo: Gideon Markovich

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health said that the operation will begin in stages and gradually: “There are hundreds of thousands of vaccines in the State of Israel, and millions more will arrive by air train in the near future. According to the immunization rate, we will provide vaccines to HMOs and vaccine sites.” The vaccines against the corona virus in two doses of vaccine as required. “