A security breach on the Emirati website is leading to leaked information about Israelis

The Emirati website has leaked the personal information of thousands of Israelis for planning their trip to Dubai, N12 said. Dubai-based website, Sharaf Travels, has been used by many Israelis who have taken the exciting opportunity to travel to Dubai for their holidays, as there are new destinations that have traditionally been closed to Israeli tourists are now available throughout the Middle East. Apparently, the website offered special deals and discounts for Israelis looking for a dream vacation. The process for booking their trip through the travel website involved the provision of personal information for visas sent into the country. According to N12, much of that information has been leaked to various travel agency websites in the UAE, and could pose a serious security risk. Ido Naor, a cyber expert and Head of Security Joes, told N12 that a cyber researcher was sent to several UAE-based websites that showed leaked information of Israeli citizens. “We searched one of the websites and immediately found a leak. Every Israeli who used the website to issue a visa to Dubai was exposed to a simple hack that gave its information to hackers. -hackers, which can download PDF files of the issued visas., “Naor noted. The security breach gave hackers access to full names, passport photos, addresses, passport numbers and more, of many Israelis who used the website. That information, in turn, can be used for identity theft purposes, which makes it a major security issue. Naor, with a warning from his findings, turned to the Israel National Cyber ​​Steering Group for help. The steering group sent an urgent letter to their Emirati spokesman, who is currently working on repairing the breach and finding other potentially complicated websites. In any case, Naor said he recommends that Israelis “turn to Israeli companies first to issue visas abroad,” saying that people should always be careful. when providing sensitive information on random websites.