A respiratory disease expert evaluates the success of a Chinese enterprise

Ti Gong

Respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan.

Well-known respiratory disease expert Zhong Nanshan has revealed that many countries are accelerating the development of coronavirus vaccines.

By mid-January, 15 vaccines had entered phase III clinical trials, 63 of which are in clinical research and 172 in preclinical research worldwide.

“China will pursue different types of vaccine research,” he said in a video speech at the International Conference on Luobing Theory in Shanghai on Saturday.

“We are now in a state of emergency approval and coronavirus vaccine use. The effective rate is a rate that occurs in one area and at a time. We should look for long-term efficiencies.

“We should look for the whole picture to evaluate vaccines. The level of protection is only one-sided. We should also examine other issues such as length of protection, cost performance and whether it is easy to carry and A good vaccine is not developed within a year or two. It needs several years to be a separate vaccine. “

He reiterated the importance of wearing a mask, washing hands and disinfecting frequently.

“Research has found that about 70 percent of patients with coronavirus have a cough,” he said. Coughing and sneezing can produce a lot of vomiting and aerosol. So masks are effective. “

He also said coronavirus prevention measures were also reducing the length of the six-week flu season in China.

“The incidence of flu has fallen by 63 per cent in southern regions and 80 per cent in northern regions by monitoring cases from surveillance hospitals since January last year,” he said.

“The number of children visiting pediatric hospitals was also due to these measures. “

He said the measures taken by China, such as locking Wuhan, and nationwide control measures when sporadic affairs were effective.

“We can control the disease from the beginning,” he said.

“Large-scale quarantine and nuclear acid tests will be launched immediately upon local detection.”

He said the Chinese and traditional Chinese medicine was also strengthening treatment effects for coronavirus patients in China.

The antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects of some TCMs, such as Lianhua Qingwen capsules, were confirmed after monitoring patient symptoms and CT scanning. Evidence-based studies confirmed the effects of TCM in improving patient recovery, he said.