A project inspired by Tesla Cybertruck brings swift justice to holiday thieves

Mark Rober, one of YouTube’s celebrities, recently touched on his new project – the Glitterbomb 3.0. As part of a little experimentation and revenge, the Glitterbomb has become an annual practice of sorts for the former NASA engineer. This year, Rober chose to introduce some interesting updates to his blockbuster.

Just off the bat, the entrepreneur said this year’s “Glitterbomb” project showcases talent “inspired by Tesla Cybertruck”. This was reflected in the silver and square exterior design of the contraption, which now includes the bare lines of Elon Musk’s fully electronic electronic construction. The Glitterbomb 3.0 design is just the tip of the iceberg, as Rober’s ingenuity has a number of other tricks up the aisle.

(Credit: elecartric / Instagram)

Compared to Rober’s first two Glitterbombs, iteration 3.0 is much more reliable than before. There are some police lights, multiple fart sprays, a few seconds of skunk essence, and of course, more glitter. It even has new features that allow Rober to communicate directly with porch thieves. And this time, no Glitterbombs ran out of batteries because Rober created an inductive hidden mat that was cleverly hidden for the device.

The Glitterbomb Robitter project demonstrates the true potential of the maker movement, which Elon Musk has openly supported. People like Rober are the ones that Musk companies, especially Tesla and SpaceX, seem to be promoting. Behind the Cybertruck-inspired Glitterbomb, after all, is a ton of engineering and creativity – two things that really amaze the makers ’movement.

Other projects by Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring Company and Elon Musk are built on people like Rober, who are imaginative and have the onions and give the power to bring their ideas into the world. -world, whether society thinks they are needed or not. No one asked for Glitterbomb, but it has entertained thousands upon millions from the first generation, but probably the thieves who caught them. It is people like Rober and Elon Musk who can advance human civilization by choosing to ask what we need rather than give us what we want.

Rober’s first Glitterbomb was a project inspired by the engineer’s experiences with package thieves. The video featuring the first Glitterbomb received over 85 million views on YouTube. Rober has developed his invention every year as porch thieves become more powerful.

Watch Mark Rober’s Cybertruck-inspired Glitterbomb 3.0 in action in the video below.