A huge knockout for Angano on Miocic

There’s a new UFC heavyweight champion – and he’s especially scary. Francis Angano defeated champion Stifa Miučić this morning (Sunday), and as he accustomed us to, it ended in a formidable knockout – 52 seconds into the second round. The Cameroonian has become the third African native to currently hold the belt, after Nigerians Israel Adsania (medium-weight) and Camaro Osman (light-medium). The latter also stood in his corner in battle.

Angano (34, 3:16), who wanted revenge on Miocic for the disappointing loss in 2018, opened excellently with accurate punches and proved that this is a completely different fighter than he was two years ago. Later he also managed to lower the American to the ground and almost eliminated him there. In the second round the Cameroonian hit excellently with a left to the champion’s chin, but he recovered, or so it would have seemed. Angano took advantage of the momentum and ended the story with another left – Miocic lost consciousness immediately and the fight stopped.

Miučić (38, 4:20), who has not been defeated by a knockout since 2012, is considered the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time (along with Fedor Emilianenko), probably in the UFC, and has defended his title four times in the past – the most in the organization’s history.

This is Angano’s fifth straight win, the previous four were huge knockouts in the first round, and his next opponent is expected to be none other than John Jones, who tweeted at the end of the fight: “Let’s do it, show me the money.” Jones, perhaps the greatest MMA fighter of all time, dominated lightweight and heavyweight for many years and at age 23 became the youngest champion in UFC history.

Jones decided to give up the title he held for many years and moved on to heavyweight. The battle between the two, if it does take place, is set to be one of the biggest in recent years and will be held in front of an audience. “In my opinion, John Jones is the greatest fighter ever,” Angano complimented at the conclusion. “It’s a big challenge for me, but I’m coming as the champion and he’s waiting for me. I’m ready for him.”