A huge hat-trick for Obmiang at Arsenal, United stumbled

English League 20-21

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ONE System | 14/02/2021 20:22

Arsenal players celebrate with Pierre-Emerick Obmiang (Reuters)

Arsenal players celebrate with Pierre-Emerick Obmiang (Reuters)

The 24th round of the English league continued today (Sunday), when Manchester United split only 1: 1 with West Bromwich Albion, while Arsenal celebrated with 2: 4 over Leeds in a show by Obmiang that bombed with a hat-trick. Wolves also hosted St. Mary for a tough battle against Southampton and won 1-2. Three days after meeting in the Cup, where the Saints advanced to the next stage with 0: 2, the Wolves achieved their sweet revenge. In addition, Fulham beat Everton 0-2.

Arsenal – Leeds 2: 4

A great play by Pierre-Emerick Obmiang, who did whatever he pleased with the home game. Mikal Arte’s wonderful striker scored a huge hat-trick (14, 40 on penalties and 48) and led the Gunners to tenth place in the table and a streak of three games without a win. Hector Byrne scored in the middle (44), while the visitors only managed to shrink later with goals from Pascal Struick (59) and Helder Kushta (69) but it was too little. It was Obmiang’s first Premier League hat-trick, and he now has three goals in 3 of the top 5 leagues (France, Germany and England).

West Bromwich Albion – Manchester United 1-1

The Red Devils came to the meeting after the dramatic 3: 3 against Everton, while on the other hand, city rival Manchester City continues to accumulate points at a crazy pace. Ola Gunnar Solskjaer’s team apparently did not withstand the pressure and dropped points even in a relatively comfortable encounter against a bottom team. The host took the lead early in the 2nd minute from a goal by Ambaya Diana (2), but Bruno Fernandez equalized in the 44th minute with a great goal. Deep in overtime, the Red Devils almost got the win from a Harry Maguire shot, but the ball hit the crossbar. United remain third in the table, 8 points clear of City at the top.

Edinson Cavani Angry (Reuters)Edinson Cavani Angry (Reuters)

Southampton – Wolves 2: 1

It was Sutton who started the game well, and Danny Inges, her biggest star, gave her the lead in the 25th minute from a Stuart Armstrong shot. In the second half Wolves got back to business and the excellent Ruben equalized the result from an accurate penalty in the 53rd minute. 13 minutes later the young Pedro Neto completed a great turnaround for Wolves and also sealed the game result.

Ruben Neves Celebrates (Reuters)Ruben Neves Celebrates (Reuters)

Southampton continue their crash with a sixth straight loss, after a resounding season opener in which they spent at the top, while Wolves who are also in a disappointing season can come out cheering with a 3-game unbeaten streak in the league, which lifted them to 11th at Sutton’s expense.

0: 2 to Blancos over Valencia, Benzema and Cross scored

Everton – Fulham 2: 0

One of the biggest surprises of the season occurred at Goodison Park, when the Topies lost to a bottom-bottom team. The one who starred above all in this contest was the star of the series “Sunderland to the Death” – Josh Maze. The latter, in his debut in the Premier League squad, scored a pair of goals (48 and 65) that gave the Blacks and Whites three super important points.

Josh Mazza Celebrates (Reuters)Josh Mazza Celebrates (Reuters)