A creeping full moon of March rises this weekend

(Gray News) – The full moon of March comes with a weird name – one that few people might feel a little squeamish about.

Known as the worm moon, the celestial display arrives Sunday afternoon at 2:48 pm ET, according to NASA.

But, don’t worry, the closest neighbor to Earth will still look full the night before and night after the highest peak during the day in North America.

The name of the moon is inspired by the season.

“As the temperature begins to warm and the ground begins to melt, worm feet emerge, bringing back the brambles,” says Farmers’ Almanac.

The full moon of March also has other traditional names.

Some Native American tribes knew this moon as the full moon of crows, when crows marked the end of winter.

The Ojibwes called the sugar moon or the sap moon, marking the time of year when the soup in sugar maples begins to flow.

Viewing location for a full moon Sunday will depend on the weather and the skies in your area.

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