90 minutes: Lazio – Bayern Munich 4: 1

Champions League 20-21

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Lewandowski and Leroy Sana Celebrate (Reuters)

The quarterfinals of the Champions League continue at this time, with the European champions Bayern Munich hosting Lazio at the Olimpico, in a game run by Israeli referee Uriel Greenfeld, together with a team of referees from Israel. European and world champions are trying to get a down payment, the Italians are aiming for a huge surprise.

Since winning the World Cup 12 days ago, Hans Flick’s squad has stuttered in the German league, finishing 3-3 against Arminia Bielefeld and losing 2-1 to Frankfurt in its last game three days ago, causing it to lose height at the top. The Bavarians of course rose from first place at home which included Atletico Madrid.

On the other hand, the Blues have recovered from their difficult season opener in the league and are already counting seven wins from their last eight league games, with the loss coming against leaders Inter. In its last game Lazio recorded an important 0-1 over Sampdoria, and they moved up from second place at home which included Dortmund.

This is the first meeting between the teams in the Champions League, when the Blues have not lost this season at home in the factory and have two draws and a draw. Bayern on the other hand did not lose this season away from home in the factory with two wins and a draw. The Germans have 16 consecutive games without a loss in the Champions League (12 wins and 4 draws) and the last time they lost away at the factory was in 2017 against PSG.

Half a second

Ural Greenfeld draws a yellow card (Reuters)Ural Greenfeld draws a yellow card (Reuters)
  • ’81

  • Spare
  • Danilo Catalaldi replaces Sergei Milinkovic-Savic
  • ’81

  • Spare
  • Jean-Daniel Acapro came in to replace Luis Alberto
  • ’79

  • acidification
  • Robert Lewandowski was close to Bayern’s fifth, but this time Reina was in place
Hansy Flick (Reuters)Hansy Flick (Reuters)
  • ’74

  • Spare
  • Lucas Hernandez came in to replace Kingsley Coman
  • ’62

  • Spare
  • Xavi Martinez replaced Leon Gorczka
Leroy Sana (Reuters)Leroy Sana (Reuters)
  • ’53

  • Spare
  • Gonzalo Escalante replaces Lucas Leiba
  • ’53

  • Spare
  • Wesley Hudd came in to replace Patrick
Joaquin calls for conquest (Reuters)Joaquin calls for conquest (Reuters)
  • ’49

  • Gate
  • Gate! Lazio shrunk to 4: 1: Joaquin calls in a great personal operation scored a shrinking goal in favor of the Italians
  • ’46

  • Gate
  • Gate! Bayern Munich went up to 0: 4: the second half opened and Lazio’s nightmare continued. Leroy Sana abused again in the host defense, passed a ball wide and Francesco Acherby pushed to his hair he

first half

Bayern players celebrate with Musaila (Reuters)Bayern players celebrate with Musaila (Reuters)
  • ’42

  • Gate
  • Gate! Bayern Munich went up to 0: 3: Lazio’s defense continued to hand out presents, and this time Kingsley Koeman did just what he wanted, Reina still managed to fend off but the ball reached Leroy Sana who kicked close to the net
Robert Lewandowski tries to break free from Patrick (Reuters)Robert Lewandowski tries to break free from Patrick (Reuters)
  • ’35

  • acidification
  • Robert Lewandowski could have captured the Germans’ third, but kicked to the center of the goal from an extension and this time Reina top with the foot
  • ’31

  • Spare
  • Matteo Musakio paid the price for the big mistake in the first goal, and Sanad Lulich came in to replace him early in the match.
Jamal Musiala celebrates Champions League debut (Reuters)Jamal Musiala celebrates Champions League debut (Reuters)
  • ’24

  • Gate
  • Gate! Bayern Munich went up to 0: 2: What an amazing story, when 17-year-old English talent Jamal Musiala put the Germans in a double advantage with a goal with an accurate kick from about 16 meters
Jamal Musiala Celebrates (Reuters)Jamal Musiala Celebrates (Reuters)
  • ’22

  • acidification
  • Luis Alberto with Lazio’s first real situation at the end of a neatly arranged attack, but his kick was weak and did not endanger Neuer
  • ’18

  • Judge's decision
  • A first test moment for Uriel Greenfeld, when Sergei Milinkovich-Savic doubtfully failed in the open, but after a quick check on VAR it was decided not to whistle for Pendel
Robert Lewandowski Celebrates (Reuters)Robert Lewandowski Celebrates (Reuters)
  • ’17

  • acidification
  • Bayern continued to crush Lazio, and this time a quick attack ended with a heel to Leroy Sana’s pitch, but Leon Gorczka missed the ball slightly.
Robert Lewandowski conquers (Reuters)Robert Lewandowski conquers (Reuters)
  • ‘9

  • Gate
  • Gate! Bayern Munich went up to 0: 1: a huge mistake by Matteo Musakio who wanted to return a ball to Pepe Reina but delivered directly to Robert Lewandowski, and the Polish striker needed no more than that to score
Uriel Greenfeld and the Israeli judging panel against Manuel Neuer (Reuters)Uriel Greenfeld and the Israeli judging panel against Manuel Neuer (Reuters)
  • ‘8

  • acidification
  • Bayern came close again, and this time Joshua Kimich passed a ball wide that Lazio’s defense and Pepe Reina missed, but Robert Lewandowski failed to put his foot in time.
  • ‘7

  • acidification
  • Nicklas Zola cut the Lazio defense with a wonderful break on the right wing into the extension, but the Lazio defense pushed his delivery to the corner
Lazio and Bayern Munich players (Reuters)Lazio and Bayern Munich players (Reuters)
  • ‘1

  • Judge's decision
  • Uriel Greenfeld kicked off the game