9 Edible Vegan Cookie Doughs that you can eat straight from the fridge

At times, the ten minutes it takes to heat the oven is just too long to carry. You want cookies, and you want cookies now. The world has finally accepted that people are eating cooked dough – regardless of the dangers of raw egg or flour – so companies have taken it upon themselves to make safe, ready – to – eat dough. These vegan versions are spoonful, snackable, and utterly inevitable. From a classic chocolate chip to a decadent double fudge, grab a spoon and dig into it.

1. Ben & Jerry’s
Most are familiar with the feeling of shouting while enjoying a scoop of ice cream and suddenly hitting a large lump of cooked dough. It feels like you hit gold. The Ben & Jerry’s chocolate biscuit dough pieces were made just for those who plow into a pinch of ice cream just for the dough damsels. These lumps are divine in themselves, but they are also wonderful as an ice cream cone. If you believe there is such a thing as too much cooked dough, this list is very likely not for you.

2. Eat pastries
If you seem to be eating straight out of a paint of ice cream, try eating straight from a tub of vegan cooked dough. Eat Pastry labels offer baking instructions, but when the dough is as good as possible to scoop, it rarely ends up on a baking sheet. The all-vegan company offers chocolate chip, gluten-free chocolate chip, coconut butter chocolate chip, brownie fudge, and birthday cake. For a portion of snacks, try one of three packets of small-sized cooked protein dough.

3. Sweet Loren’s
This particular gluten-free and vegan-based company divides its products into two categories – premade cooked dough and edible cooked dough – but honestly, both are ready to eat right from the fridge. The premade dough comes in a single tray lined with individual biscuits (aka place-and-bake) while the edible mixture is packed into a jar (perfect for a spoon). Flavors range from a classic chocolate chunk and sugar biscuit to cranberry oatmeal and fudgy brownie. Stock up on your fridge with all four to make sure you always have something sweet.

4. Deux
Packaged with adaptogens, vegan collagen, and pea protein, this best-cooked baked dough offers some sweet benefits. Each flavor comes in a scoopable jar (which you can definitely use) with baking instructions on the side. Brownie tastes very cocoa-forward, and none of the options are too sweet. Our favorite flavors are the seasonal varieties – both Immunity x Pumpkin Spice and Calm x Ginger Doodle are far too good for baking. The Protein x Peanut Butter and Immunity x Chocolate Chip benefit from seven minutes in the oven.

5. Bhu
Vegan keto is solid, but the keto-friendly vegan cookie doughs from Bhu can make it a little easier. All flavors are gluten-free, protein-rich, low-carb and sweetened with monk fruit. There are options from the classic chocolate chip to tropical chocolate coconut and intense double dark chocolate. Don’t even try to cook this – it’s there to enjoy just from the jar.

6. Simple truth
Kroger’s supermarket brand has raised its plant-based game this year. Simple Truth is Kroger ‘s organic range, and he recently made chocolate bakery dough based on location and baking. It simply reminds us of childhood sleepiness and the sprinkling of cooked dough between beats of pre-teen spells.

7. Build gluten free
This gluten-free cooked dough comes in paint – the perfect dish for Netflix and noshing. The company keeps it simple with two unique flavors: chocolate chip and Double Fudge Chocolate. While perfect for scooping, this dough also works wonders in an ice cream dough sandwich. Flat a scoop of the dough, top with a heap of vegan ice cream, and roll it out with another smooth dough scoop. Either eat immediately or let it lie in the frids so it doesn’t dry out. There are so many ways to eat cooked dough. We hope you’ve noticed your cookie creativity.

8. Sweet Megan’s
Baker and entrepreneur Pattie Lerner have found a solution for those of us who can’t stop when it comes to cooked dough: individually packaged dough. Each 2.5 ounce pack contains just the right amount of sweet sauce to stave off hunger without leading to a baked toast with sugar. The brand also offers dough bags for those who are not worried about overdoing it. All three flavors include chocolate chip, chocolate brownie chip, and sugar cookie.

9. Cappello’s
At around $ 13 per roll, this grain-free, gluten-free and paleo-friendly cooked dough is the most expensive on our list. With 13 servings per pack, it works out as one dollar per cookie. However, we cannot deny that both chocolate and the traditional chocolate flavors are unique and gluten-free. Like cooked dough itself, now and again, it’s okay to enter.

Tanya Flink the Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast who lives in Orange County, CA.

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