8-year-old falls into a stream – rubbed into an underground pipeline

Yagel Eitam, an 8-year-old boy from Gush Etzion, went through a rattling experience Wednesday when he fell into the gushing Oved Stream in southern Israel and was caught on an underground pipeline, Israeli media reported . The Eitam family decided to go on a trip to the Negev on Wednesday to check out streams in the region that are fast flowing at this time of year, due to heavy rain. They had no idea what followed. Standing on the edge of the stream for a better view, the 8-year-old boy collapsed and collapsed, disappearing within seconds. A frightened father jumped in behind him before realizing that his son had been taken into a pipeline that ran down the road and there was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, the boy surfaced a few seconds later on the other side of the road, unharmed. He met his father, who was swimming through his own pipeline, looking after him. MDA paramedics who arrived at the scene were amazed to see the 8-year-old unharmed. The boy’s mother told Ynet: “Yagel simply disappeared, falling into the stream and disappearing before our eyes. My husband jumped in behind him, but it was too late because it turned out that Yagel had crossed the road and came out on the other side. “She said she felt as if her son” had got his life back like gift, ”and noted:“ the whole problem could have ended differently … we are still processing the whole thing, but the important thing is Yes Yagel safe and stable. “

The lucky family will never think of the miracles of Hanukkah in the same way.